Friday, September 13, 2019

Director of RCMP’s intelligence unit arrested

CTV is reporting that "The director general of the RCMP’s intelligence unit at the force’s headquarters in Ottawa has been arrested and charged under the Security of Information Act."

Global is reporting that "Cameron Ortis faces seven counts dating as far back as 2015, including breach of trust, communicating special operational information, and obtaining information in order to pass it to a foreign entity. The charges did not specify which foreign entity or what type of information, but a source said he had amassed terabytes of information, including a list of undercover operatives, when he was arrested in Ottawa on Thursday."

"The source said Ortis was identified when U.S. authorities flipped a suspect who gave him up. His arrest is believed to be part of a wider operation involving NATO allies and the Five Eyes — Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and U.K. A source said the case involved large quantities of information, which could compromise an untold number of investigations. The source said Ortis had allegedly tried to sell information in 2015, and was gearing up to sell more."

This actually comes as no surprise because CSIS is dirty as f*ck. They are the ones that provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. Just wait until they bust the BC GTF. Confronting police corruption was a crucial element of the New York Model. Michael Dowd was a POS.

I think the charges against Cameron Ortis are bogus. He was in charge of National Security Criminal Investigations which aims to reduce the threat of terrorist criminal activity in Canada and abroad. He was part of the terrorist creation team that created the Surrey Pressure Cooker Fraud. That is nothing compared to the level of corruption in BC Gang Enforcement. Cub Pack members getting police protection to sell drugs because they joined the Rat out your Rivals program. That program itself is corrupt. So is the NSCI Entrapment. Show me the money!

Cameron Ortis was going to share information. He was going to. Kinda suspicious acusation. Was he a criminal or a whistleblower? Terrorist organizations don't have money but drug traffickers do. Selling information to a fake terrorist organization that doesn't exist doesn't make sense. Selling information to the Hells Angels does.

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  1. And there's nothing wrong with the culture of authority in Canada...:sarc:..this is the thing people need to understand, it's not just "this guy", it's him and hundreds others like him. Yeah, I said hundreds, come on, there isn't a week goes by without some RCMP type gets into some shit. That being said, what do you think the REAL level of nefarious activity is at? "Iceberg Principle" applies....and a lot of these folks probably aren't being caught, seriously, they seem to have a lot of trouble keeping up with non-licensed crime, criminal activity by "the protected" (ie. cops, politicians) is order of magnitude more difficult to successfully investigate and prosecute. Nobody watches the watchers, who are themselves off the reservation.


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