Saturday, September 30, 2017

Len Peltier and the spike in Yukon murders

CBC is reporting that the "Yukon has seen eight homicides in the last 12 months - an unusually high level of violence for the territory." Many are concerned that it is tied to the BC drug trade.

Adam Cormack's dead body was found June 28, 2017 on the Alaska Highway northwest of Whitehorse. Edward James Penner from Prince George was charged in his murder and has a history of violence. We all know the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George.

Langley Times reported that "The RCMP seizure of weapons, drugs and cash during a March 16 2015 raid that targeted several locations in the Yukon has a strong connection to Langley." They found 856 gear which implicated Len Peltier. June 2015 Len Peltier was named and arrested with regards to a drug bust tied to the 856 in Whitehorse along with 26-year-old Jason Wallace.

Jason Wallace was the one who shot dead Lenny's cousin the mighty Bob Green because Jason didn't want to take the fall for Lenny again like everyone else has done in the past.

It is somewhat ironic that the spike in Yukon murders occurs right after Len Peltier shows up selling cocaine. My sources tell me Lenny is still working for the club. A new patch member has been assigned to work with him in Bob Green's place. If you want to stop the violence, stop cutting deals with Len Peltier and convict him. Lenny is the root of the problem.

The most offensive murder in that list involves Missing Women Advocate Wendy Carlick who was murdered right before she testified at the Missing Women's Inquiry in Whitehorse.


  1. and the RCMP won't ever figure out who murdered Ms. Carlick either.

    so when we talk about terrorism, we might want to remember this murder and those listed in this post. No one from ISIS or aN ISIS supporter committed any of these murders, so who is more dangerous in our country. Perhaps when the RCMP has a new "minder" they can send some of those terrorist seeking RCMP officers to the Yukon and arrest the real terrorists.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, beside Lenny with the mustache from that /70's show. Bob Green is flipping the bird furthest on the right.


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