Saturday, September 23, 2017

Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime

Bob Paulson's exit interview has opened a can of worms that requires further comment. Once again we need to connect the dots and do the math. In his final interview with the Globe and Mail although Bob Paulson "acknowledged the possibility of Islamic State-inspired attacks is now an ever-present reality in Canada, he said such national security risks are significantly less of a threat than organized crime." No kidding.

It's pretty obvious that in Canada organized crime is a significantly great threat to Canadians than the possibility of Islamic State-inspired attacks. In fact the amount of tax dollars the RCMP anti terrorism squad has spent on terrorist sting operations is in itself of great concern. Not only is it a complete waste of money to bribe and threaten drug addicts to blow things up, but we are also forced to ask what is happening to the billions of tax dollars this anti terrorist secret society loses from its budget every year?

When a government agency loses billions of dollars from its budget on a regular basis above and beyond what it spends, we need to look at that because that is in itself organized crime. Which reveals the real irony. The whole concept of terrorist quotas is quite concerning. What if there aren't any terrorists in a year to find? Do we create them? The evidence shows we have.

We also have to ask, if CSIS or the RCMP spend so much money creating terrorist sting operations like in the Surrey Pressure Cooker fraud, has a sting operation ever gone bad where the fake attack actually occurred and killed innocent people? Why yes it has - Air India. In the largest terrorist attack in Canadian history, the RCMP and the CBC revealed that it was CSIS that provided the explosives for that attack and had an agent on site that helped plan that heinous event. CSIS still need to be charged in that murder.

Bill Tieleman wrote about the concerns with RCMP terrorist quotas. Bill Tieleman also wrote about controversial sting operations in the United States where the FBI "foils" a FBI plot they themselves created. Bill Tieleman compared the Surrey Pressure Cooker fraud to other cases in the US “where clueless and troubled people have been convicted of deadly plots after undercover agents and informers facilitated their crimes to incredible degrees.”

An example he used was “James Cromitie, a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.” In that case the FBI actually facilitated the crime.

Likewise in the Surrey Pressure Cooker fraud the RCMP were found guilty of entrapment. Entrapment is where the police create crime instead of stopping it. If a target doesn't have the means or motive to commit a crime without the assistance of the police, then that is entrapment. Paying a drug addict $250,000 and a new BMW to use a weapon they gave him does not stop terrorism it creates it. Our tax dollars can and should be spent on preventing organized crime instead of creating terrorist attacks.

The other question we have to ask is why would we spend so much money creating terrorist attacks when the end result is Bill C-51 which strips Canadians of civil liberty and does away with the sacred Charter of Rights? When that is the end result of these fake attacks we have to question the real motive behind creating them.

However, Bob Paulson's exit interview has revelaed the real concern. Bob Paulson said during his tenure as RCMP Commissioner he almost depleted the supply of federal detectives specializing in Mafia and biker-gang investigations and shifted them over to the RCMP's terrorist creating secret society. This was right after Julian Sher put out his prophetic book warning that the Hells Angels drug trafficking network was taking over Canada. So right after the prophetic warning hit the shelves, instead of confronting the epidemic the RCMP did the exact opposite and removed any barrier in it's power to help facilitate their expansion.

This was not their first offense. Julian Sher's book was so controversial because it was released after the RCMP scuttled Operation Phoenix which was a regional task force targeting the Hells Angels and Weird Hall Porteous. Allen Dalstrom was fired after it was revealed he was the source in Julian Sher's book the Road to Hell who stated "when it came to organized-crime investigations, the RCMP had done “f--- all here for 25 years”.

After that fact was revealed Allen Dalstrom was fired and the RCMP removed any remaining officers targeting the Hells Angels and organized crime. Imagine that. Allen Dalstrom won his unlawful dismissal case but a gag order was included in the settlement.

So we are forced to ask ourselves, where is all this corruption coming from? It's coming from the top down. Someone targets the Hell Angels and organized crime while someone from up above pulls the plug on that investigation.

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind. The answer is found in the US crack epidemic of the 1980's. The answer is found in the Gary Webb story and in the Freeway Ricky story.

This rabbit hole ultimately leads to the Lockerbie bombing. Buyer Beware.

It's all about American Made yo. Barry Seal and the CIA out of Mena, Arkansas.


  1. anyone know what happened to Dr. Mike Webster?
    he made his mission to take RCMP guys like Bob Paulson to task
    he disappeared out of the blue

    he had his own blog and twitter account under Sam Steele

    "" doesn’t exist""

    RCMP complaint against Mike Webster dismissed by College of Psychologists of B.C. via @georgiastraight

    1. Excellent question. Now that Bob Paulson and the Friends of Craig Callen have retired, perhaps Mike Webster will return from exile.

  2. and now the link is not found, how convenient


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