Friday, September 1, 2017

Man killed in shooting inside Toronto mall

Global is reporting that "A man believed to be in his 20s is dead after a shooting at North York Sheridan Mall in north-end Toronto Thursday afternoon. Toronto police and paramedics were called to the plaza near Jane Street and Wilson Avenue at around 5:20 p.m. with reports of a shooting. A man was found with a gunshot wound inside the mall. He died at the scene."

Shooting someone inside a mall isn't very bright. There are security cameras everywhere. This mall is just south of Woodbridge where all that mob violence tied to the Hells Angels has been going on throughout the summer. Stop the greed, end the violence.


  1. It was 4 masked gunmen, who confronted the victim in the parking lot, where the shooting began. Two of the gunmen chased him as he tried to flee and one followed him into the mall to make sure it was done. Quite gruesome. It was definitely highly organized but from what we've heard it's hard to jump to HA as the plotters. Alot is going on in the gta right now so it could be tied to any number of groups

    1. True but what we are seeing across the board is that it's either for HA or against. The conflict in Calgary between the FOB and the FK was tied to the Hells Angels because they were supplying one side.

      In Montreal the HAs used Greg Wooley to supply all the Crips with cocaine. Greg Wooley held a big meeting trying to get the Bloods to buy from the HAs as well. When the Leader of the Bo Gars, a Blood affiliated gang said no and slapped Wooley in the face the HAs paid someone to shoot him dead. The Hells Angels fingers go further than you think.


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