Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack - a week of violence

The Agassiz-Harrison Observer is reporting that "Chilliwack RCMP have confirmed that one person is dead following an early morning shooting in the 9500 block of Williams Street." CBC is reporting that "The shooting happened at about 4:20 a.m. PT on William Street near Yale Road."

In July a Hells Angels associate from Calgary was shot dead in Chilliwack.

Recent News - Sh*t be cray yo:

Fatal shooting in West Kelowna - Friday

Targeted shooting in Langley kills two - Friday

18 year old shot dead in Abbotsford - Thursday

Man shot dead in Surrey - Tuesday


Two men shot in North York Sunday.

Man shot dead in Etobicoke Saturday night

Woman shot in face at Toronto restaurant - Friday morning

Man killed in shooting inside Toronto mall - Thursday afternoon

Hells Angels associate shot in Toronto the previous Wednesday

Oh yeah and Gumby had both drug trafficking charges stayed so he did.

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  1. it is sad that all these lives have been lost. their friends and families are left to mourn and the police to try to figure out who did it. On the other hand all of these young people know there is a risk of getting murdered if you are involved in the drug trade. At some level you can not fix stupid.


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