Thursday, September 14, 2017

Venezuela sends Cuba humanitarian aid

Internationally, the world is in turmoil. A massive earthquake rocked Mexico and more hurricanes keep forming pounding the US and the Caribbean. The Independent is reporting that Mexico had to rescind its offer to send Texas humanitarian aid after the hurricane as it needed to channel all its resources into providing earthquake relief to it's own citizens. That makes perfect sense. What doesn't make any sense is why Mexico would be sending America humanitarian aid? That's kind of like Canada and the US sending China humanitarian aid when China owns our debt.

Loop is reporting that "Venezuela continues to aid some of the islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma, this time sending much-needed supplies to Cuba." I'm a bit confused. I respect the gesture. Cuba was nailed by hurricane Irma and needs aid. I was under the impression that Venezuela is in turmoil and didn't have any food in its supermarkets. That's why there is a mass exodus there and half of Venezuela is now living in Colombia. The world is in turmoil alright.


  1. You are correct, Venezuela is an economic basket case, but they've been getting help from Cuba over the years of Chavez being in power. I guess it's just a little quid pro quo between fraternal socialist comrades, I'm sure they probably don't have much to send, but I'm equally sure every little bit helps.

  2. trailrunner78 may be correct. its too bad other countries haven't sent aid to Cuba. I wonder if the Red Cross is taking donations on their behalf or how people can send money to assist the Cubans. The U.S.A. has enough money to deal with the issues, but Cuba and some of the other islands will probably need all the help they can get.

    The news is advising that France is certainly sending aid to their islands and evacuated approx. 2K to France.


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