Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pitbull sends his private plane to Puerto Rico - Update

The New York Daily News is reporting that "The American rapper known as Pitbull is sending his private plane to Puerto Rico so that cancer patients can receive treatment in the United States."

The Verge is reporting that "In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million American citizens remain almost entirely without electrical power — but it’s not because their power plants are blown. The problem is that roughly 80 percent of transmission lines, which take power from the plants to distribution centers, are down. Nearly all the local power lines that run to residences and businesses have likely also been destroyed."

NBC is reporting that "About 44 percent of the Puerto Rican population remains without drinking water, the Department of Defense said in a statement Wednesday." The Washington Post is reporting that "The Trump administration is rushing military hardware and personnel to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as it becomes increasingly clear that the U.S. government response to Hurricane Maria so far has been inadequate and overmatched by the scale of the disaster."

Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis

Update: Beyonce remixes a J Balvin song for hurricane relief. Mi Gente means My People.

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  1. OF COURSE THE response is inadequate. there aren't a lot of white people living there. and trust me, Trump and a lot of his ilk don't view Puerto Ricans as Americans. As several late night talk show hosts were reminding viewers, Puerto Ricans are Americans although only about 50% of Americans know that.

    Nothing is going to be released from that huge container port until the guy running it has his money. Saying they don't have drivers, gee...that is a tad weird. if they wanted drivers they could go looking for their drivers, but that is not the name of the game. its all sitting there to see if they can force Puerto Rico to pay their debts to the banks and Wall st.

    the games regarding the money is starting in Huston also, check the Crooks and Liars blog for that information. Houston is a Democratic city and its not getting enough money to collect the garbage sitting on the curbs. the state government isn't interested in giving them any of the $10B they have in their emergency fund, because the state government is Republican.

    The other problem is the garbage trucks from Houston went to Florida because they are paying more. Just another reason cities ought to have their own garbage collection dept. In emergencies you can determine where and when they work, not the owner who will go where there is the most money.


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