Friday, September 29, 2017

Taking a knee for the Nation: Take heed of the Dream

Right now there is a lot of crazy things happening in the United States. The US media has become a bizarre set on reality television that has become so absurd it is difficult to watch. Consequently, most of us choose to watch something else. As always I like to shun extremes. Donald Trump has been rambling about the NFL football players who have started kneeling during the anthem protesting the direction much of the nation has gone in recently.

Personally, I don't see kneeling during the anthem as being disrespectful. Sitting when you are supposed to stand if you are able to stand would be disrespectful. Bowing your head, covering your heart or taking a knee during the anthem is not disrespectful. Trump needs to let it go. There are bigger concerns we need to worry about. Yet when the media claims Trumps objections to the protest are grounds for impeachment, it just shows how absurd the fake news has become.

When I first saw the football players take a knee it reminded me of Martin Luther King taking a knee saying a prayer before a protest march. Recently Martin Luther King's daughter Tweeted that people didn't like the way my father protested either.

When Stevie Wonder recently took a knee at a music festival in New York he actually took two knees and said a prayer for the nation. That was very respectful. With all the insanity that is happening south of the 49 right now saying a prayer for the nation can't hurt. Yet prayer shouldn't be political. Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Tom Cruise's new movie American Made talks about Barry Seal's drug trafficking for the CIA out of Mena Arkansas which was tied to Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior both. Buyer Beware.

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  1. Now that the new season of fall t.v. has started it really is difficult to decide what to watch CNN/CBC reporting on the noise from the U.S.A. or the crime dramas. if it were not so tragic, the news might be funnier to watch because who could be making this type of thing up.


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