Monday, January 8, 2018

Surrey RCMP make huge fentanyl bust out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip

Not. They busted a small time rival instead. Why is that not surprising. Face the fraud.

I obviously made this post as a joke after the police sent out that ridiculous press release about busting a small time rival. The fact that traffic on this post went off the roof shows that everyone knows the Hells Angels run the drug trafficking out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip and are just waiting for the police to bust them. Only that won't happen because they only bust HA rivals now.

The BC Gang task force stopped targeting the Hells Angels drug trafficking after the David Giles bust in the Kelowna Summer Jam when the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit did such a great job they were disbanded. The Surrey RCMP haven't lifted a finger to disrupt Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey since Fraser MacRae. That is the truth.

In 2012 Tbarz was named as the hub of a Hells Angels cross border drug trafficking operation in a US Indictment. Well nothing has changed. Everyone knows that and everyone knows the police aren't lifting a finger to do anything about it so all these press releases about them busting small time rivals is a joke. The police think supporting the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade makes their life easier. Tell that to Janice Shore, Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Janice Bryant. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Look at the picture. It says Shakerz not Tbarz so its after the fake name change. Look at where the Harley is parked. It's practically blocking the door. No one can get in or out of the bar without noticing it. It's making a statement. Just like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant. They dont have to hide anything any more because they have the Surrey RCMP in their back pocket.

What makes it worse in today's Vancouver Province the bullsh*t was off the charts. When you open the paper on page two was a picture of the Hells Angels patch advertising Kim Bolan's article about the police's most recent lies in court regarding the Bob Green murder. On the next page was a full page article about this ridiculous'y small bust of a couple of Hells Angels rivals trying to pretend that the police are still going after Hells Angels when they are obviously not.

The article had a huge picture of a rifle and a shot gun the police seized along with a picture of a tiny very old revolver. It was an old .22 for God's sake. A freaking pea shooter. They might as well have seized a spud gun. Look everyone. We just saved the world from a spud gun.

A bag full of Hells Angels guns found in Surrey and it barely makes a headline. While a tiny bust of a Hells Angels rival gets full page coverage. Welcome to Linda Hepner's Fail Army.


  1. I was incredulous when I first read the headline! Then I read the first line of the article ...

    Sadly, typical.

    1. Exactly. Everyone knows the Hells Angels are running the drugs out of Shakerz and eveyone knows the police won't do anything about it.

  2. one really needs to ask why. There has been a change in government. has any one asked the new government cabinet minister flat out what is going on. has any one asked Linda Heppner flat out?

    1. Exactly. The government has changed so why hasn't the criminal culpability?


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