Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stiff Gritty has potential

A lot of people have been very interested in this new video of HA associates trashing Madchild. I think Stiff Gritty has potential. His reference to Madchild carrying around a stuffed animal like a Yaletown slut was rather amusing. His reference to Madchild being a GHB predator nailed it. One has to remember who sold him the GHB but it is good to recognize that being a GHB predator is not a good thing. Tupac Shakur left us with the Ghetto Gospel after he died.

Tupac made reference to a homeless lady and another woman addicted to crack then said, "Tell me do you see that old lady, Ain't it sad, Living out of bags, Plus she's glad for the little things she has, And over there there's a lady, Crack got her crazy, Guess who's giving birth to a baby, I don't trip or let it fade me, From out of the fryin' pan, We jump into another form of slavery."

In another song called Changes Tupac responds to a crack dealer who said "I made a G today," then said "but you made it in a sleazy way Sellin' crack to the kids." Tupac didn't have a problem with pot, he had a problem with crack cocaine. So do I. We both saw what it does to people.

Trailrunner said that no one in the Madchild Diss video will ever amount to anything. Aside from being a tad harsh, I don't believe that is true. I think they all show potential. Speaking out against being an oxy junkie and a GHB predator shows potential.

Stiff Gritty's manger has a reputation for being a good guy. He sold pot in high school and was fair in his business dealings. No one cares about pot. It will soon be legal. Crack, fentanyl and crystal meth are the drugs that are killing society.

I would however caution them as to what they aspire to. The young girls in bikinis at the pool in the video look like normal girls who were simply their friends from high school. I dont want to be mean but the girls sitting on the bed in lingerie kinda looked like strippers or prostitutes. There isn't much of a long term future in that and I'm not sure that is where you want some of your female high school friends to end up.

We all know the pattern. First they recruit the girls to be strippers and invite them to parties where its all about strippers and blow. Then they get them hooked on harder drugs and get them working in the sex trade industry to pay for the drugs. After the drugs eat them alive and they can no longer make money in the industry they end up dead on the Picton Farm.

Jesse Hadden is a good guy. The after hours he ran across the street from the Pickton farm was fine. People would go there after Roosters closed. Piggy's Palace down the street was not. The members involved in that dive are pieces of garbage. They weren't just GHB predators, they would gang rape crack hos and kill them for drug debts.

Watch your ladies. Be careful what happens to your young female friends you introduce to club members. Make sure they don't end up crack hos dead on the Pickton farm. That wouldn't be loyal to your friendships. The reason why the old men on Viagra want you around is so you can bring young girls around their daughters age so they can sleep with them. Mind how you go.

Snak the Ripper also has potential. Repping the Stop down crew yo. I'm not saying we should all jump on the bandwagon and trash Madchild for being a b*tch. Like Fat Joe, his response to 50 Cent was a one time one time only. Fat Joe just set the record straight then moved on to other things. Likewise, these young guns can move on to other things after setting the record straight.


  1. In the post you use the term, "crack hos". I gather this refers to females addicted to crack. When women are referred to as "hos", they are classified as less than other women, which enables predators and others in society to treat them as less. Regardless of a woman's position, sex trade worker, substance abuser, no one ought to be referred to as a "ho/hos" It demeans us all.

  2. Sorry. It is what it is. Crack hos aren't regular prostitutes. The Johns that use them are deranged predators.

    1. Yes, it is what it is.

      It is a completely valid term, until they completely and willingly abandon the path they are on, which will lead only to death.

      While the term may seem harsh, the harshness of it does drive home the seriousness of their negative behaviour.

      It is ultimately doing them a favour to call them that so they can see just how wrong their actions are.

      To lie to them and pretend their actions are acceptable is a disservice of the most heinous kind.

      All people have free will. Even being addicted in the worst ways allows moments of lucidity which can be used for contrition and change.

      Even the just man can fall seven times in one day.

      Yet, it is clear these people have made a choice. Freely, of their own free will. Clearly they like their choice.

    2. Yes but usually they were conned into the path until they were no longer able to see where the path leads them. Like Vince McMurchy and Dianne Rock. Dianne Rock ended up a crack ho in the end but Vince was the one that got her on drugs and forced her into prostitution to pay for the drug. Dianne Rock was so much more than a crack ho. Vince was the villain in that case.

      EAF is right in the sense that calling someone a crack ho doesn't mean they aren't human and it doesn't give predators the right to gang rape and murder them. Once again crack cocaine is the root of all that evil. Promoting that horrible drug is wrong.

    3. "What you do to the least of my children ... "

      Are you saying the women in that video are being forced into that life?

      I think the meaning is not that they are not human (although I recognize that can be a possibility - heck, even EAF dehumanized unborn babies when she tried to justify abortion in a couple of comments ...) but because they are women you cannot say that.

      Male or female, anyone can make a choice to end up as a very negative example or enter into a very negative lifestyle.

      Especially when the lifestyle is made to appear tempting. Just imagine what all the spirits of those killed in the drug deals and wars (ie Quebec) could talk? What would they say?

      As for cocaine, just like when one asks how plants grow you cannot end at water and sunlight, logic dictates you must continue and explain where the water and sunlight come from and how they were created, you have use logic and reason and determine which drug the current government in Canada wants to legalize in the summer is the gateway that leads to harder drug use.

      Not one person who ever used crack, heroin, crystal meth, etc is going to say they never tried marijuana first.

      But they will most likely say marijuana was the first drug they did use.

    4. I think the women in that video are being conned. I think Dianne Rock was indeed forced into that lifestyle.

    5. Most people try alcohol and tobacco first before marihuana, do your research

    6. I have done my research. Look back in this blog site and you will see many postings of peer-reviewed journals on the effects of marijuana.

      You do raise a good point regarding tobacco. Youth who begin smoking have a MUCH higher rate of at-risk behaviour.

      Now it's time for you to do your research. I think you may be surprised at what you read (just by searching this blog for the journal articles I have previously posted).

    7. I'm going to expand on this in my next post since a retired cop recently mentioned it in a letter to the editor. Smoking pot is bad for you but it is a lot less harmful than crack or crystal meth. If all the crackheads in the DTES and on the Surrey strip gave up crack and smoked pot instead, everyone would be much better off.

  3. I think crack head should be the term used rather than crack Ho. It's slut shaming and those women are someones mother,child,daughter. Let's not demean them any more than the male crack heads.

  4. Politically correctness at its finest, is when you get called out for calling a crack ho, a crack ho!


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