Friday, January 5, 2018

A meat tax is absurd

Here we go again. The corporate media propaganda machine is at it again testing the waters to raises taxes again. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A movement blending animal-rights and environmental concerns is pushing for a “sin tax” on meat, not unlike levies designed to discourage tobacco use or fossil fuel consumption."

Bloody Hell. Politicians are gluttons. They stay awake at night trying to think up new ways to raises taxes. This is just another con. Since when is eating meat a sin? Well vegans dont eat meat. So? That's their right. They don't have the right to force their alternative lifestyle on anyone else. Alberta has a thriving beef industry. Who's side is the government on?

Shawn Storey from Surrey wrote into the Vancouver Province and said PETA should just mind their own business and stay out of ours. Nobody likes religion forced on them.

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  1. A tax on beef????????

    We are taxed enough. For many families the closest they can come to beef is hamburger. Taxing that would only increase poverty. Taxing any food is just increasing the poverty of those living at or under the poverty line. Lets tax expensive cars, newsprint ink. No one "needs" an expensive bottle of whine or liquor, add taxes to that, but food, not so much.

    Perhaps this is all being done by those who produce pork and poultry. Beef producers are having a hard enough time making a go of it. Lets not put them out of business.

    if you don't like eating meat, that is your business and religion. Its not mine. For some people, if they don't eat enough protein, they start to eat more sugar and not every one has the time to eat protein veggies.

    Those who advocate eating a meatless diet, if it works for them, fine, but for many families it just doesn't work. Artificial meat, such as vegan meat burgers, etc. are very expensive. For many working families it would just result in inadequate diets.

    if this had run on 1 April I would have thought it was some one's idea of a joke. it still is a joke and any government who decides to take this route, is asking to get thrown out of office.


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