Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fake Terror attacks promote organized crime

Speaking of RCMP corruption, this case is the prime example. 1130 News is reporting that the Crown is appealing a court decision where the judge exposed RCMP corruption. That means the crown supports the corruption. Catherine Bruce was not wrong. She was a saint for confronting police corruption. Bob Paulson's exit interview revelaed their connection to organized crime.

Every crime has a means and a motive. When the police provide either of those in a sting operation then that is entrapment. In this case they provided both. I'm referring to the ridiculously fake Surrey Pressure cooker bomb plot. Without the police there was no means or motive to commit that crime. There has never been a more clear case of entrapment in recorded history.

I was present when the crown pulled their last dirty stunt. The accused were in my car at the time SWAT pulled us over. I'm like why didn't you serve us at the courthouse before we left or at the jail we are on our way to pick up their stuff from? The reason is because they filed an ex parte application without notifying the other lawyers so they could get a different judge as the judge who was seized on the matter and had seen the evidence would have seen through the fraud.

The RCMP spend millions of tax dollars to create fake terrorist attacks so they can divert ALL the officers investigating organized crime away from organized crime and have them on these insane task forces that lose billions of tax dollars from their budget to promote terrorist attacks. When you bribe or threaten a drug addict to commit a terrorist attack, you haven't save the world from a terrorist, you have created one. That is an obscene waste of tax dollars.

When you then stop investigating organized crime so you can perpetuate your fraud you are clearly supporting organized crime. The solution is simple. Since the RCMP clearly do not want to investigate organized crime, then give that jurisdiction someone who will.

RCMP spent $1M on Victoria terror plot investigation, including $90K on Nuttall and Korody

Not including court costs. Not including the cost of an appeal.

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