Thursday, January 25, 2018

Larry Amero busted in Ottawa

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "Police on Thursday arrested 40-year-old Hells Angel Larry Ronald Amero for one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sandip Duhre and one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sukhveer Dhak. Amero, a resident of Ottawa, was arrested with the assistance of the Ottawa Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Biker Enforcement Unit. He will remain in custody in Ontario until he is transported to B.C. to face the conspiracy charges." At least Ontario still has their Biker Enforcement Unit.

"Dean Michael Wiwchar, 32, is being charged with one count of murder in relation to the murder of Sandip Duhre and one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sukhveer Dhak. Thirty-year-old Rabih “Robby” Alkhalil is presently charged with the murder of Sandip Duhre."

Larry's going to be brought to BC? Now that courthouse will need SWAT to protect him.

All these murders including that of Johhny Raposo in Toronto as well as the Surrey Six, were about obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. They were convicted of plotting to kill Johhny Raposo after stealing a 200-kilogram shipment of cocaine from him. Just like how Agent 22 was told by a HA associate that "they" were ready to eliminate all the competition in Surrey.

Since encrypted text messages intercepted by police were used in court, one has to wonder if local rumors are true that implicated Larry. Years ago we were told that an undercover police agent had provided Larry's associates in Whiterock with their encrypted blackberry system giving the police access to all their private conversations. It was back then we were told the police had evidence that implicated Larry on several local drug related murders.

This encrypted message system hacked by police in Toronto was linked to the Hells Angels drug trafficking out of the Vancouver docks where Larry Amero was employed along with several other members of the Hells Angels. Time to bring back the OMGU.

Update: Sometimes I wonder where Kim Bolan's head is at. Calling two bit criminals notorious all the time diminishes all of us. We're not suposed to glorify the gang life. Larry Amero is famous but he certainly isn't notorious. As I've said before Larry was a rich kid from the suburbs who stole things because he thought it was cool. It's not surprising to see where he ended up. He looked great when he was young all jacked up on steroids. Now he looks like a tired old man.

Larry is about as notorious as Jamie pigsh*t Bacon. Those two clowns are joined at the hip through Jamie's dead preppy brother Jonathon. What we do in life echos in eternity.


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    1. Hey Blaze maybe you'll be able to give Larry a lap dance when he comes to BC.

    2. Awe, I missed the comment! Maybe it could be rephrased for those of us who did not read it? (you know it's got the potential to be good, when the author removes it!)

    3. Since Blaze is getting paid by the police, they don't want him posting on here. That's why he doesn't like it when I expose which new fake names he is using to post his misinformation. That comment he just deleted simply said:

      "Big deal.he will probably get off with a slap on the wrist and be back to his old ways within months. Gee I wonder whatever happened with those h.a. that got busted in Spain? Oh ya. Nothing."

  2. Raposo was not killed in montreal he was killed in Toronto


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