Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dianne Watts and Rich Coleman: The Real Story

Speaking of Botox Betty, Linda Hepner's partner in crime is in the news. Dianne Watt's new lapdog, Michael Smyth asked if Dianne Watts was the Liberals best chance at defeating the NDP. AYFKM? If the Liberals want to defeat the NDP they have to elect someone that is not involved in the political corruption that made the New York Times. Dianne Watts has been up to her eyeballs in that money laundering scam since Campbell Heights.

If the BC Liberals want to defeat the NDP they have to choose a leader that people who didn't vote for them last time would vote for now. I sure as hell wouldn't vote for Dianne Watts because I saw what she did in Surrey. I live here. I'd vote for a guy like Andrew Wilkinson. He has a brain and he hasn't been tainted by the same lobbyists Dianne Watts has.

I will have to admit, she sure has a lot of people throwing money her way. That's because they all want a piece of the tax and spend pie she keeps cooking up so they can get rich off of tax dollars then give a kickback in the form of campaign contributions. I understand that Trooper even played at her last fundraising Gala. They opened up with her new campaign song.

Martyn Brown from the Georgia Straight recently asked "Dianne Watts: What did you ever do to so piss off Rich Coleman that he would support Mike de Jong?" Really? You don't know? Wait 'till I tell ye. Dianne Watts was Rich Coleman's puppet on a string after her amazing success laundering all those public assets for Liberal campaign contributors at Campbell Heights when she was mayor of Surrey. Then came the mega casino.

They were all ready to pull the same scam in Whiterock that they did in Campbell Heights. They had their dirty developers buy agricultural land really cheap with the promise that the city would rezone it for them so they could make a fortune again.

Dianne Watts supported the scam all along. After the colossal turnout opposing the Casino she lied and said she didn't support it in the beginning but a local resident who lives here wrote in and pointed out that she did and was lying once again. Something she is very good at. Dianne Watts supported the proposal from day one. That's why she received $24,500 in campaign contributions from the developers. When she choked and voted against it Rich Coleman went ballistic. That's because she promised to support it and was paid well to do so.

She flipped because the scam backfired. She knew it was a dangerous plot because she was screwing over the people in her own riding. That's why she chaired the meeting. She wasn't supposed to have to vote on it. Her party had enough votes to pass it without her voting. They were suposed to approve the proposal and when her constituents would come to her and say how could you betray us like that she was ready to say it wasn't my fault. I didn't vote for it.

The scam met a hiccup when some of her own party flipped and voted against it after they saw the huge turnout. They knew voting for it would have been political suicide. So some of her party flipped which created a tie and forced her to vote as the chair to break the tie. She wasn't supposed to have to vote. The tie forced her to and she knew voting for it would have been political suicide so she flipped. Then she lied and said she never supported it when we all knew she did.

Dianne Watts is a bully. Alex Tsakumis was her attack poodle that would harass anyone that opposed her. Laila Yuile was the only main stream media outlet that dared provide an objective voice to Dianne Watts' bullying. As a result she was targeted by Alex. Alex threatened to sue me for reporting that he had called Barinder Rasode a whore on facebook which Dianne Watts clicked like on. He claimed I had posted a draft comment he made. I told him to go f*ck himself. There is no such thing as a draft comment on facebook. The reason I have the screenshot of what he said is because someone on his friends list saw it and took a screenshot.

After realizing I was right and would not cave in to his "short" lived intimidation, he then started to harass a female blog reader on disability who simply posted a link to my blog post on twitter. We all know that linking is not defamation. Despite that, he found her phone number called her at home then left her a mean message threatening to sue her for linking to something I wrote. When I posted the telephone message on youtube he threatened to sue youtube so they took it down. It took me a year to get it back up through the appeal process. Here it is.

When Alex Tsakumis was Dianne Watts' attack poodle her theme song was Go Godzilla from Blue Oyster Cult. Together they crushed any and all opposition against her. Now that Alex has taken a back seat, Michael Smyth is Dianne Watts' new lap dog. He's no attack poodle. He's just a used car salesman trying to sell a bad deal. Now that we know the truth, Dianne Watts whole campaign is just a three dressed up as a nine. That's their new campaign song now. Good luck with that. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. See ya later Godzilla. You're still just a three dressed up as a nine.

The Fall of Dianne Watts ~ Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed


  1. that was a lovely walk down memory lane. thank you. now that is one post we shall not be seeing in the MSM. However, we have learnt that blogs are sources of information and I'm sure this one will be making the rounds. Thank you again!


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