Friday, January 19, 2018

Masked man walks into Richmond Pub with a shotgun

Global is reporting that a masked man walked into the Pioneer Pub in Richmond during a memorial service with a shotgun last night and pistol whipped what the Richmond News claims was a suspected drug dealer. The Richmond News claims it as a riffle not a shotgun. Hey, if the PoPo wont do it, why not?


  1. "Hey, if the PoPo wont do it, why not?"

    Whoa, easy with that stuff boyo, they're going to accuse me of radicalizing you online.... ;-)

    Plus this appears to be intramural, business rivals and shit. Not really much sympathy. Now if it was some girl's father administering a righteous butt stroking (gun type, not prison type)that would be different, we could do a "go fund me" for his bail and a lawyer.

    1. That was mild sarcasm. My point is the PoPo *should* be doing something about drug trafficking other than seizing the proceeds of crime but they are not.

    2. But, with seizing alleged proceeds, they get funding for new "gee whiz" toys and such.....

      The other is just work.

    3. Exactly. That's what lead to the corruption of the LAPD in the /80's. They stopped trying to interfere with drug trafficking and just focused on seizing the proceeds of crime to get more funding

  2. that was a tad restrained; last time some one walked into a bar type place in Richmond, they shot and killed the debtor, well it was a long time ago.


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