Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When Niagara Falls freezes over

You know it's cold when Niagara Falls freezes over. Only they haven't frozen over, they're just starting to ice up along the edges. It is however, very cold on the east coast. I could never ride a full season in that. We've been experiencing a fairly mild winter on the west coast of Canada with temperatures hovering around zero degrees celsius. In Eastern Canada they've been hit with cold arctic air while Alaska is getting warm air. Go figure. A shift in the polar vortex yo.

CTV is reporting that "Anchorage, Alaska, was warmer Tuesday than Jacksonville, Florida. The weather in the U.S. is that upside down. That's because the Arctic's deeply frigid weather escaped its regular atmospheric jail that traps the worst cold. It then meandered south to the central and eastern United States."

New Brswick has a weather warning but the "snow hurricane" seems to be over exagerated. "On Thursday evening the snow will change to a mixture of freezing rain and ice pellets and finally to rain over easternmost regions." Things are starting to warm up a bit in Montreal as well.


  1. Climate Change.
    the Artic is heating like crazy, releasing more methane from the permafrost and melting ocean floor changes everything.
    The historical wind patterns no longer exist crossing the equator and disrupting normal weather patterns throughout the world.
    Search Paul Beckwith, university of Ottawa or
    Guy McPherson for really scary stuff.
    Run away Climate change is upon us, abrupt climate change like this, is not what Al Gore was talking about, we are past the tipping points.
    smoke em if you got em.

    1. Perhaps but I think it's more likely caused by ocean currents like el nino. When the west coast gets a warm winter the east coast gets a cold winter and visa versa. People talk about global warming but it would be hard to convince people on the east coast that is a reality right now. So now we call it climate change. We all know pollution is bad but I'm not sure the sky is ready to fall just yet.

    2. there's a lot to this, lots of moving parts that create an environment that won't sustain human habitat, if what i'm reading and cross referencing is correct, devastating climate change and the 6th mass extinction is upon us. happy new year! Peace

    3. lol I'm not going to lose any sleep over it myself.

  2. The sky could be falling, however, the earth has always had climate change. Just look at history and when water was present places and are now a desert or places which are now prairies were once oceans. We definitely have a pollution problem on earth and that in my opinion does impact the weather. Would we still have changes in the weather pattern if we did not have pollution, most likely, however, the pollution makes it worse.

    Humans most likely contribute to some changes in the earth's temperature. Given the enormous growth of the world's population we ought to take care of every square inch of our planet. that isn't happening and now Trump wants to open oil drilling off the coast of the U.S.A. That won't turn out well, once a few wells blow up because those oil companies aren't interested in saving the oceans, they're just interested in saving money so they can have bigger bonuses.

    1. Speaking of the oceans, how about that great pacific garbage patch:


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