Sunday, January 21, 2018

Linda Hepner breaks the law

Well this comes as no surprise. Linda Hepner has kept stalling off the environmental report on the road through Hawthorne park. They have a draft report but the final report won't be ready until the end of January. So why are they cutting down trees in Hawthorne park before the environmental report has even been completed? That is illegal.

Roslyn Cassells applied for a court injunction to stop the road through Hawthorne park until the city has done its due diligence in researching the environmental impact on wildlife protected by law. The court dismissed her case because she did not have standing. This is why I have zero respect for and zero confidence in the BC Judicial system. There is no justice in it. What the city is doing is WRONG. They are breaking the law.

They have already started cutting down trees on the part of the park on 104th Avenue owned by private investors. They have NO legal right to cut down any more trees on actual park land until the environmental report has been completed and released to the public. None whatsoever.

This is a copy of the Draft report dated October 26th 2017 which was not released until Dec. 20, 2017 - 5 days before Christmas. It is obviously incomplete. It makes absolutely no reference to the endangered species Roslyn Cassells mentioned in her court application. The Kangaroo courts have once again failed the public that pays their wages. The City of Surrey is breaking the law which comes as no surprise. I just wanted to make that clear.

The previous "Draft" environmental report dated April 21st 2017 made reference to the presence of a Red-Tailed Hawk in the park which is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The "revised" Draft report dated October 26 2017 makes no reference to the presence of a Red-Tailed Hawk or any other endangered species mentioned in the April 21st Draft report. Just sayn.

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  1. Our elected politicians will and do overlook citizens rights

    to perpetuate their necessary political objectives

    Lrt crime train b.s. hydro and transit

    ICBC I screw bc insurance customers


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