Saturday, April 13, 2013

31 Quebec Hells Angels freed due to court delays

A couple of stories to catch up on. First is the news that 31 Hells Angels who were arrested back in 2009 have been set free because of court delays which denied their right to a fair trial. Yes it sucks but the sky will not fall. These guys were arrested back in 2009. That is a significant delay.

Charges against the more than 150 accused included murder, gangsterism, drug trafficking and conspiracy. Some have pleaded guilty while others - as many as 100 - are still awaiting trial. The 31 who were released were not facing murder charges but were looking at charges of gangsterism and drug trafficking.

150 people were arrested in 2009. In Quebec the police don’t play around. They freakin arrest everyone. The right to a speedy trial is important. Thus they are reviewing the processing of mega trials in Quebec. Our court system in BC is in much worse shape.

I will comment on this ridiculous flag they had flying before the arrest. I thought it was a Photoshop joke. These idiots actually had that flying over their clubhouse. Not very bright. Yeah they’re gonna take over the country alright. The only territory they’re going to end up with is in prison with the big house crew. Pride cometh before the fall. Word.


  1. On the topic of the Hells Angels I think you will find this 1973 BBC documentary interesting, some people have compared it to Monty Python.

    BBC Documentary - Hells Angels - London - 1973

  2. That one’s pretty wild. British humor done like a documentary. I saw the Hells Grannies one.

    1. I think that documentary pretty much sums up WHY the HA sell drugs. They use drugs - so if you use them do you really think there is anything wrong with them? If you don't think there is anything wrong with them why not sell them? Especially if you have no money and by selling these drugs you can make a lot of money and then live the lifestyle you want?

      It really is as simple as that.

      Here is another documentary about the HA from Britain:

      The unique thing about this one is that it seems to explore the mentality of the HA members juxtaposed to that of the more vilified subcultural group, skinheads.

      Yet, when they are compared side by side, you can clearly see which group displays the more socially constructive and positive ideology.

  3. It's appalling that this should occur, it may happen in our Province w/Surrey Six Trial...These guys faced the most serious felony charges, of gangster-ism, drug-trafficking, etc. Big parties @ HA Clubs; and a re-organization of their drug-trafficking, as the released 31 resume their powerful positions...


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