Saturday, April 6, 2013

Texas District Attorney and Deputy gunned down

Speaking of Nazi white supremacists north of the border, they’re making news south of the border as well. A double funeral took place Friday morning in Texas for Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia. Both were gunned down in late March in what is seen an orchestrated attack on law enforcement. They were found shot to death in their home two months after one of his assistants was gunned down near their office.

Here's the low down: District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife was shot dead 30 March 2013. His deputy, Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was gunned down 31 January 2013. In between those two murders, Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements was murdered 19 March 2013.

21 March 2013 Montague County Sheriff's Deputy James Boyd was shot at by Evan Spencer Ebel. Hours later Ebel was shot dead in a police shoot out. The gun Ebel used in the March 21 shootout was the same one used to shoot and kill prisons chief Tom Clements two days earlier. Evan Ebel is with the 211 Crew of the Aryan Nations prison gang. The 211 Crew is from Colorado and is named after the Cal­i­for­nia penal code for rob­bery. Two other members of that gang are persons of interest in one of the shootings. One of those two suspects has just been arrested.

Freddy posted a link to the Aryan Brotherhood’s connection to this mayhem in the forum. I’m just trying to sort through things and connect the dots.


  1. Thanks, I'd been pretty sure of this, since I first heard of the Utah shooting, which of course was then followed by another.

    I stand by one of my 1st comments on this; "The Brand" or AB, wants folks to know they are in charge; and can do as they wish without anyone to stop them...

    The attempt to get the incarcerated leaders, by the death penalty, failed a while back.

  2. The AB ploy of multiple murders bears its first victory;

    "US Prosecutor Withdraws From Texas Aryan Brotherhood Case Amid High-Profile Murders."

    "Shortly after the high-profile murders of several Colorado and Texas prison officials, possibly at the hands of white supremacist groups, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hileman has withdrawn from prosecuting a large racketeering case against the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas."

    " Hileman reportedly resigned due to fears about security."

    "According to Talking Points Memo, Hileman emailed every lawyer involved in the Aryan Brotherhood’s defense to state that he was concerned about security and he would be withdrawing from the prosecution team." (

  3. District attorney’s murder could mark deadly new chapter for white supremacist gang.

    "The murders of Texas district attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were simple, carefully orchestrated and could mark a new deadly chapter in the spreading empire of hate and crime by the white supremacist gang the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas."

    "Long viewed as one of the largest and most violent prison gangs in the United States, the group’s reach has increasingly spread outside of Texan jails and onto the streets, where they peddle drugs and commit “crimes for money, crimes for power or control, and crimes based on hate,” says a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)."

    White supremacist gang member arrested over killing of prison chief.

    "Authorities have arrested a member of a white supremacist gang linked to the killing of a Colorado prisons chief shot answering the door of his home last month."

    "El Paso County sheriff’s spokesman Jeff Kramer said James Lohr was taken into custody early on Friday. Lohr was wanted for questioning in the killing of Colorado Corrections Director Tom Clements. It’s unclear if Lohr has been charged."

    "Authorities believe Lohr was in contact with gang associate Evan Ebel days before the slayings of Clements and a pizza delivery man. Police said they believe Ebel killed them before he was killed in a shootout in Texas. The motive in the killings isn’t clear."

    "But if the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) is behind the assassinations of Mr. McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, then more murders may follow."

    “This really is unprecedented,” said Larry Gaines, chair of the criminal justice program at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. “It could be a tipping point. If they are involved and they think this kind of intimidation is working, we could start to see more of it.” (NatPost)

  4. Currently I am working in the Houston area, and I would like to share a little insight on the AB of T (or ABT). Although I know for a fact that they have little problem killing anyone. There are several things to consider before the media rushes to judgement or speculation.

    1. When the district attonery went on television and called out the senior leadership of one of the largest prison gangs in the United States, he really should have thought of his words for carefully. Calling the entire leadership cowards was probably a poor choice of words. By doing that, he placed the entire guard staff all thorugh the state of Texas in jeopardy. There will be retaliation for that remark.

    2. For those that have done any type of research on the AB, these hits were not there style and would be counter productive to how they run thier business. Once the TDC had the "green light" on the ABT, the remaining mainline ABT soliders and associated were taken off the mainline causing a power struggel from younger and more violence proned (making their bones)associates.

    3. All true shot callers for this group are in Ad-Seg and already locked down 22.5 hours a day in single cells.

    4. Most importantly, the ABT is a criminal orgainzation just like the Mexican Mafia or the Italian Mafia. There goal is to make money off the prison and street drug trade. Killing a civilian only draws AFT, FBI, Texas Rangers, City, State, and Local. Add to that all the human rights groups to ralley against this group and ensure their destruction.

    5. This will only increase the populairty of the the prison gangs inside its own walls. Couldnt ask for better PR than to be known as the deadlist and most feared prison gang.


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