Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outlaws spotted in New Brunswick

(See update) More than a dozen members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang from Ontario, wearing full colors, showed up coming into town from the Trans Canada Hwy into Moncton New Brunswick today. RCMP intercepted the bunch and only got a half dozen of the bikes to pull over (ran names and plates) on Elmwood drive near a club called IROCK but the rest of the OMG bunch took off fast and refused to stop for police. RCMP asked for lots of backup to catch them to run the rest of the names and plates.

Lots of Bacchus together and partying today at the Pollet River Run in Albert County and will be at clubs later tonight. The usual place they Party is the Old Cosmo but the Liquor inspector just shut them down, rumor is they got caught with Beer in the bar from Quebec.

Jeff Gallant, also known as scab face, is the owner of the Old Cosmo (called OC for short). He’s on the dirty and was arrested with two pounds of cocaine. It’s connected to the Knockwood and Keirsteadcase case who were caught with 16 kilos of cocaine in the walls of their trailer in Texas. After the Outlaws appearance word is Jeff and Bacchus have ordered in a new supply of depends. Tell me Jeff isn’t related to Leo. That would break my achy breaky heart.

Perhaps the Outlaws will make it out to the South Shore in Nova Scotia and visit what’s left of the Freedom Riders. The Darksiders are still bullying that same senior couple they assaulted at a local Tim Hortens. The husband is dying of cancer and they are still bullying them. They won’t even let them ride their bikes without colours in peace. The Outlaws don’t bully seniors and don’t stop non 1% MCs from wearing patches. Perhaps a free market is a good thing.

One blog reader reports: Accident right by the Bacchus clubhouse just on scanner, ATV accident, male in 40's. ATV? I guess the Bacchus rejects need training wheels. Police used the term Oscar Mike Golf as in OMG and the street the Buttkiss clubhouse is on. Oscar Mayer Wieners if you ask me. Don't look now, they're asking for breath tech... OK now they're using cell phones.

I didn’t realize the Pollett River Run was a run down the river in a boat. I thought it was a motorcycle run. That looks like a really fun event. Be sure to pack out what you pack in. They even have mud flats like Stake Lake here in BC. Stave Lake mud flats are pretty red neck. It’s wild.

Update: We are getting mixed reports on the outlaw versus Outlaws thing. The same thing happened in a report about Kelowna. Local Bacchus are denying the Outlaws came to town and are claiming the police pulled a bunch of them over and referred to them as outlaws not Outlaws. I’m still trying to get a confirmation from someone local who has actually seen them other than heard what was said on the police scanner.

I'm still working on this. Reports still claim the police were running Ontario plates which means they weren't Bacchus.


  1. RE: outlaws versus Outlaws

    This is an example of very poor reporting by the media. Any reporter reporting on bikers should know that there is a big difference in referring to the bikers as "outlaws" or "Outlaws". Using uppercase "O" usually indicates a name, in this case The Outlaw MC.

    If the cops are feeding the media this outlaw/Outlaw ambiguous wording hoping to generate public interest then it is up to the reporters to clarify it and get the facts right.

    Are they reporting on the Outlaw MC or outlaw bikers? A knowledgeable reporter would make it clear.

  2. Actually that would be my bad. The Kelowna one was reported in the media but the New Brunswick one wasn’t. That one a bunch of people heard listening to the police scanner. In that case I believe the police used the term outlaws as in outlaw motorcycle gang. Indeed there is a big difference between the Outlaws MC and an OMG. I’m confused about the New Brunswick one as the original claim said they were from Ontario not local so I’m still trying to get clarification on that one. I think the police did use the term outlaw with regard to the Kelowna bust as well. I think they did it because they are gun shy of using the Hells Angels name all the time which is hard to understand. If they found Hells Angels gear on a grow op, you think they’d be thrilled to be able to tell the public that.

  3. This guy here obviously not wanted in Moncton no mo... Bomb was found outside his house last week, Also his property had 2 fires in the last year witch were deemed suspicious in nature...

    Now this is the same guy that got busted for 2 kilos and nothing ever happened. Also, his friend got busted with 16 kilos coming back from Mexico the next spring. The guy is a rat plain and simple, the writing is on the wall and how he's still breathing is beyond comprehension, hence I recon this bomb scare might have been a warning, nonetheless someone might get hurt as a bystander when they do get him because they are so many people who hate this guy that the cops wouldn't even know where to start..


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