Wednesday, April 10, 2013

East coast insanity

Well this is rather bizarre. CBC is reporting that a new Hells Angels puppet club is starting up in Nova Scotia called the Gate Keepers. The police say that could start a turf war with Bacchus. Are they joking or are they just smoking crack? Bacchus is a Hells Angels puppet club. That’s why there wear 81 kiss ass pins. That’s why we call them butt kiss.

The Hells Angels frequently have more than one puppet club in the same town just to try and create plausible deniability. Case in point Prince George. The Hells Angels run the Renegades, the Crew, the Independent Soldiers and the GTS all in Prince George. They all work for the Hells Angels. The Crew mostly crossed over to the IS after all that bad press but the Hells Angels still control all of them and are still directly liable for each group’s criminal activity.

Locals seem to think the Hells Angels are unhappy with Bacchus and want to push them off to the side so to speak. Not surprising since they have made a lot of really stupid decisions lately and got a lot of bad press. Locals are concerned something is going to go down at a Hells Angels party this Friday where the Gatekeepers and Bacchus will both attend along with the Darksiders. Since everyone knows about it I doubt they’ll pull another Lennoxville massacre. The fact is they’re all attending a Hells Angel party together. That would mean they’re all celebrating their puppethood.

I don’t want to be mean but I’m really getting sick of looking at all these idiots let alone write about them. Three new stooges posing with their prized patch. Grown men still acting like kids. What is with this perpetual mid life crisis? Everyone forgot somewhere along the way they were supposed to grow up? Get married, have kids, contribute to society. They got married and had kids. They just forgot to grow up and contribute to society.

The other day I saw a guy in the mall with a Support White Rock 81 shirt that had a big 666 in the middle. Grow up people. This wasn’t a teenager wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, it was a grown man wearing a shirt that said look at me I’m a complete idiot. Supporting drug dealers who murder rival drug dealers and torture addicts for drug debts is bad enough but 666? Come on. Sure in some cases it means Filthy Few Fellowship like Otis Garret the baby killer and the freak from Haney who is his own brother killer just for the almighty dollar. Yet this was a support shirt so I doubt he had a filthy few patch.

Vincent Price and Iron Maiden knew what 666 symbolized. The father of all lies and all things corrupt - murder and mayhem. Stupid alright. Lawlessness means people can steal from and shoot you just like you do to everyone else. It’s hard to understand how someone can be so stupid and actually brag about it. It’s astounding.


Update: No word on Bacchus getting their butts kicked at the Hells Angels meeting yet. Perhaps it’s just simply another name change since Bacchus has criminal organization charges in the works. That way if the police seize Bacchus clubhouses the Hells Angels can still run Gate Keeper clubhouses. Until they get caught committing criminal acts for the Hells Angels as well. David Bishop was just sentenced for drug trafficking in Halifax prison.


  1. there is a LEMC (law enforcement MC) called the GateKeepers...but the patch is different and this looks like OMG (or wanna be). they are wearing a '4' piece patch with the MC seperate like the other omgs.

  2. AK: " Grown men still acting like kids. What is with this perpetual mid life crisis?"


    We must ask what is wrong with society; that makes all Gang life so wanted & popular.

    There is just no connection between *real* life, and the school/family reality many young kids experience. High School prepared me for nothing, certainly not the brutally-tough, hard world of finding work to just live.

    Neither my School, nor family, nor Government, took the time to tell us how to live a good life! My generation were told nothing real about life.

    If that's the same, across the lives of hundreds of thousands of young BC'ers, then they will try to find meaning in their lives any way they can.


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