Monday, April 8, 2013

Thomas Crawford Assaulted in Pretrial

The Vancouver Province reported in a headline that Thomas Crawford has been stabbed in the head while awaiting trial for gang related kidnapping charges. Yet later on in the same article it quotes B.C. Corrections spokesperson Marnie Mayhew who said that there was an altercation between two inmates at North Fraser Pretrial Centre in which an inmate fell and injured his head. “However there was no stabbing incident. The inmate was treated in hospital for some injuries. Criminal charges were not laid.”

OK so getting in a fight and getting stabbed are two very different things. We know that Thomas Crawford was with the Independent Soldiers when he was charged in a gang related kidnapping along with seven others. They have been accused of kidnapping someone who was laundering money for them in the States but part of the money went missing. They were collecting on behalf of the person he owed the money to.

Again the kidnapping victim that was laundering money for them was Sulaiman Safi who shared a car lease with full-patch Hells Angel Glen Hehn. When Crawford was first arrested someone tried to tell me he had been kicked out of the IS to try and distance themselves from the kidnapping. Yet it is clear that since Red Scorpions were also involved and since Glen Hehn was indirectly involved with the guy that owed the money, Crawford was on company business so to speak.

Him getting assaulted in jail is just another down and dirty attempt at denying he was working for them when it’s pretty obvious he was. Rats they are. They’ll stab you in the back faster than you can say where’s my money?

In Tuesday's Province they clarified that it was Crawford who said he had been stabbed. It's kinda like that old joke after someone gets beat up. What happened? Oh they fell and hit their head.


  1. But we must be fair, AK; conditions in the horrifically-crowded Canadian prisons are just awful. Prison isn't intended to be daily torture for inmates.

    That said, the level of *reported* violence in the pre-trial centers is obviously terrible. With our Liberal-destroyed Justice system, people are easily doing four, five, six years in pre-trial! Margison is now a vegetable. That pre-trial attack was insanely savage. The guards say they are very under-staffed; the inmates could take over anytime.

  2. Glen Hehn has GOT to be tired of seeing his fat face plastered repeatedly all over your blog.....

    Oh well. :D

  3. Gang activity doesn't appear to be very lucrative, in this case anyways. The kidnapping involves 7 people over a $400,000 transaction that went comically wrong, split the fee 7 ways and they don't get much money.

    Nazfar Mirhadi should have stuck with real estate. Her attempt at money laundering makes her look like a fool.

  4. I was on the unit in North Fraser (on Bravo East) when the assault went down. Crawford was on the phone and some junkie named Landon was paid 2 points of heroin to slash his head up with a razor shank (he did so when crawford was on the phone), then he tossed the shank in the cell beside the phones and then proceeded to bash crawfords head off the metal seperators on the phone booth. Landon was not charged for the assault because he had just signed his federal penn waver and was to be transfered to federal prison in a few days, so the jail just threw him in sec until he was transfered


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