Monday, July 27, 2015

Anonymous confronts Dawson Creek murder

ipolitics is reporting that the national RCMP website is offline and has been for several hours. Hackers with Anonymous vowed that they would leak the classified national security documents in retaliation for the fatal shooting of James McIntyre in Dawson Creek, BC, by the end of the day unless the officer responsible is arrested. The RCMP web site is indeed offline. Go Team.

Update: ipolitics is reporting that Anonymous has started to slowly leak out information about CSEC funding and put out a video claiming CSEC tried to spy on American President Barack Obama under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s orders and, when caught, put the Keystone pipeline in jeopardy. Why doesn't CSEC share criminal information with the RCMP? Because they aren't concerned with criminal activity, only political affiliation. That is illegal.


  1. So it begins. These guys have real skills. I dont know what will happen. But I predict the officer involved has his credit card denied real soon lol

  2. Very interesting indeed. And interesting how Harper is being singled out in particular. I don't think they are kidding about having been inside go rent computers. The document they released alone says quite a lot.

  3. Very interesting. Spying on Obama eh..... too big for his britches eh.... pathetic eh.... our PM, a disgrace to all Canadians

  4. The sad thing it dosnt matter who is in power. The corporations run the world. Its a greed machine. Politicians in Canada are no better then organized crime.

    1. Yes sir I agree. Its the big business that is in control. We are living under thinly veiled facism

  5. this ought to be "entertaining". if the justice system can't keep police officers from shooting citizens perhaps A. can.

    loved the stuff they put out on the spying. looking forward to more.


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