Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Blaze Meth head sentencing hearing - Update

Today is the final day of Blaze's three day sentencing hearing for being caught with half a kilo of crystal meth and a coupe of Joey's long guns when he was banned from possessing firearms after his domestic assault conviction. He was caught with the guns in the trunk after coming back from a trip to Vancouver where he loaded up with crystal meth from Hells Angel associates in Maple Ridge. The same trip he tried to set up a meeting with his Guildford meth head pal and I trying to pretend the troll that was spamming my bog wasn't him it was another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. You're gonna need more than a .22 to take out me flysh*t.

The heat bag claims he is no longer criminally active any more but we have heard that song before. He must means after the police started paying him to lie in court about drug dealing rivals. That's probably the shotgun he used to shoot Britney Irving in the back when they took her to shoot guns in the bush. That's not going to work on me weasel. Joey's letter to Blaze from prison.

Blaze's history of trolling this blog

Blaze first started trolling this blog as Kayla on a post I made about him when he was arrested on this crystal meth charge. After making numerous death threats and threatened to gang rape my daughter, he did the same thing on the Dirty after he posted her picture there.

Then Blaze made another post about me on the dirty claiming that I had been charged with sexual interference with a minor. He even said it was reported in the Vancouver Sun which it was not and said if you look up the CSO registry you can see the charges for yourself. Only he lied. People looked my name up on the CSO registry and found no criminal record whatsoever. He made the whole thing up. Then Ace Ventura joined in.

Ace Ventura aka Daryl MacAskill, AcePSJ and stoxxman joined in and said that I was a convicted pedophile in the United States which was also a bold faced lie. He even had a news article to prove it about Dennis Lance Watson being convicted. Only my middle name is James not Lance and that wasn't me. Daryl lied and said my real middle name was Lance when it wasn't. My real middle name is James and always has been. It is the name on my birth certificate and my drivers licence. It's on my Letters Patent from the Chief Herald of Canada. That's why my website says Dennis James Watson just to clarify that I am not Lance.

Blaze kept spamming my blog with nonsense and kept denying it was him. He started emailing me claiming he was from Surrey and started citing landmarks around my home to prove it wasn't Blaze. That only proved he knew someone in Surrey. He then said he would meet me at Guildford Mall to prove he wasn't Blaze. Again that would only prove he knew someone in Surrey. Another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. I knew he was lying because his IP in the email was coming from Langford on Vancouver Island. He was likely loading up the Devil's army with crystal meth on his way back to Kelowna with the guns in his trunk. He was trying to set me up to meet with his meth head pal then try and shoot me in the back with a freaking squirrel rifle. Nice try.

When Blaze had his 30 seconds of fame on the stand he admitted to the court that he would post false information on Kim Bolan's blog to throw the police off. He does that all the time. Then he lied and said he was involved in a conspiracy to kill Kim Bolan that never happened. Blaze would never shoot Kim. He worships her because she gives him a stage to perform on. He would never do anything that would take away his stage. Trolls feed off of attention.

Right after he made up that ridiculous story he started to spam me saying see Kim is a credible journalist, someone tried to kill her. He was trying to promote Kim's blog and thereby promote himself and his little puppet stage. If he wasn't spamming me about it I probably never would have realized it was him on the stand. If that guy had half a brain he'd be dangerous.

I haven't put his life at risk because he lied on the stand. Kling Klung wasn't in the car. He was ready to plead guilty to anything. That is what he was paid to do. Blaze wasn't at risk for testifying because he lied and told the court exactly what the people responsible for the shooting wanted him to say. He was once again playing both sides. The crown bought it, hook line and sinker.

The question we need to ask is the name of the Kelowna Hells Angel that Blaze and Joey was selling drugs for. During the trial the court was told that Joey said to one witness that he couldn't go to jail for murdering Brittney Irving because he was making too much money in the drug trade. In fact Joey was still selling drugs in prison after the murder while he was on trial. The judge stated that she was astonished at the volume of drugs Joey was selling. He was selling for a member of the Kelowna Hells Angels and it wasn't David Giles. All this crystal meth Blaze was selling was for the same member of the Kelowna Hells Angels.

Blaze went to the wrong Mission home to collect a drug debt

Blaze's Abbotsford charges are for using a shotgun to collect a debt for the Red and White in Mission with Jamie McLean from Abbotsford. Only the idiot got the wrong house. This isn't Blaze's first charge of possessing a firearm while prohibited. Incarcerate him.

The case law states that when a criminal cooperates with the police, the court no longer recognizes their right to anonymity if they lied. Blaze LIED. He never stopped lying. Blaze was paid to testify and he lied on the stand. You aren't going to get your money back. However, the fact that he lied means that his plea agreement is null and void. If you recognize his plead deal knowing he lied, then you are just as bad as he is.

Blaze admitted that he just started having supervised acess with his daughter. That means he didn't have access prior to that. Why do you think he only has supervised access? He is using his daughter to get a reduced sentence for being a career criminal. What about all the other women and children he has been terrorizing? Do the police not care about them? Evidently not.


Castanet is reporting that "While McWhirter expected to be sentenced this week, Justice Davies reserved his judgement until June 29. McWhirter remains out of custody on bail."

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