Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Surrey LRT costs Soar

The front page of today's' Post Media Corporate Propaganda Machine states "COSTS SOAR $1 BILLION Combined construction estimates for a Surrey light-rail line and the Millennium Line subway under Broadway in Vancouver have risen to almost $4.5 billion." Instead of listing who should go to jail for that fraud, they list false rationalizations for the increase costs and claim that is a reason we need to raise taxes. No, it is not.

The reason for the projected overruns boils down to one thing: SNC Lavalin - the most corrupt construction company on the planet. The fact that they got the contract to the Millennium Line after they were banned from world projects was a criminal act thanks to Gwyn Morgan. Gwyn admitted the corruption in SNC-Lavalin was worse than he originally imagined. It is obviously continuing as we speak because they continue to under bid and over charge government contracts just like Bombardier and Lockheed Martin. Then they give the politicians a kickback in the form of campaign contributions to stay out of jail and get more government contracts.

Instead of raising taxes we need to cancel the Surrey LRT scam along 1004th because it is not needed, not wanted and will create an infrastructure nightmare. It will make tragic congestion worse not better. If you want to extend Skytrain to Newton then have at it. That is the need because bus service from Surrey Place to Newton is horrible. Bus service from Surrey Place to Guildford is fine. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain does not impede traffic.

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