Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pagans and Kryptmen busted on Rhode Island

Fox News is reporting that "Authorities in Rhode Island on Wednesday arrested 50 people associated with two rival motorcycle clubs believed to be involved in a turf war and seized 53 illegal guns, including a rocket launcher, and a large amount of marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin. State Police identified the two gangs as the Pagans and Kryptmen, who were dubbed “some of the most violent” gangs in the country, the Providence Journal reported. The gangs allegedly have a history of gun and drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder and robbery.

Robbery and large quantities of crack cocaine. What's wrong with that picture? It doesn't say what the quantiy of drugs were seized and who had them. They're just rounding everyone up. "The Aging Rebel believes that seven of the defendants belong to a fledgling Pagans chapter and four defendants belong to the Kryptmen." ATF busting their rivals again. Nice Belfast Special:

The ATF were probably the ones that sold it to them. "ATF stop ATF plot." It all sounds familiar.


  1. The so called "rocket launcher" is an empty tube for an M72 series LAAWS (Light Anti Armor Weapon System) rocket. This system has been in continuous use since the Vietnam War and is a one shot disposable weapon. Once fired, the empty tube is just thrown away, it's valueless except as a wall decoration (for which purpose they are often sold at surplus stores or gun shows) as it cannot be reloaded or anything like that.

    It's not the first time one of these has wound up on a display table and the "they had a rocket launcher" thing is trotted out for a gullible public to swallow.

    1. It does look awfully small. Not like a Belfast Special. It almost looks like a grenade launcher that fits on an assault rifle but it's a bit long for that.


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