Saturday, December 22, 2018

McCallum attack adds in The Surrey Now Leader

Doug McCallum must be doing something right for Post Media News to take it's attack adds from the Vancouver Sun Province and put them in the Surrey Now Leader. Lately the Surrey Now Leader has launched a series of attack adds targeting McCallum's fiscal responsibility that defy reason. More sour grapes from the Corporate Communists who endorsed Tom Gill.

This week the headline reads "McCallum comfortable Surrey will be safe without hiring cops." Let's be clear about one thing. Doug McCallum's track record on crime is tried tested and proven. I was here. I saw it. Dianne Watts, Linda Hepner and Tom Gill launched and perpetuated the colossal fail army that culminated in the Wake Up Surrey movement.

As we speak Shakerz is a hub for Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey. The RCMP know that and do nothing to stop it. Hiring a thousand more cops to do nothing but eat donuts will not help reduce crime. Dough McCallum has a plan and I support that plan.

Doug McCallum is in the process of creating a Municipal police force which is a colossal step forward for Surrey. Hiring more police officers we will be forced to accommodate before the changeover would be completely insane. Post Media News, the owners of the Vancouver Sun Province and the Surrey Now Leader have a problem with fiscal responsibility. They are hell bent on perpetuating the tax and spend neo con. Thank God Doug McCallum has a brain.

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