Saturday, May 28, 2011

Randy Jones and his brother Trevor implicated in cross border drug ring

Well Kim Bolan does it again. She finds the court documents that names Trevor Jones, Randy's brother as the origin of the pot for the massive pot and cocaine drug ring recently busted in Seattle. Court documents claim he is the owner of Tbarz even though Russel Peters seems to think Randy is. Trevor is listed as the agent while Gladys' name is on the land title. Randy was the registered owner of the T barz domain name until we went public with that info and he changed it over to Gladys. Let's give it up for the Walrus. He is the egg man. Coo coo ca chew. See how they run like pigs from a gun. I'm crying.

Interesting to note that in the comic series the Archies, Gladys Jones was Jughead's mother. I guess if Randy is the Walrus then Trevor must be Jughead. Then again Randy does look like a cowboy. I guess they'll call Tbarz the YMCA now.

“We believe that during this and the previous trip, Lamar was delivering money to Trevor Jones, which the Stuart drug trafficking organization owed for marijuana obtained from the Jones brothers,” Winger testified in a court document. "From the Jones brothers" - plural. That would implicate Randy as well as Trevor.

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