Wednesday, May 25, 2011

White Boy Posse and the Hells Angels in Edmonton

The White boy Posse is a white supremest gang in Edmonton tied to the Hells Angels that sell drugs. Isn't it about time we stop blaming all our drug and gang problems on the minorities? The Hells Angels are the root of it all. In Edmonton they have a white supremest puppet club. Not surprising since Mom Boucher started his own white supremest club before he joined the Hells Angels.

Yet these racist drug dealers will sell drugs to people of different racial back grounds as long as they can make money off them. White supremacists using the Red Alert gang as puppets to make them money. What a scam. The Red Alert are slaves to white supremacists.

Mom Boucher befriended Gregory Wooley who formed the Syndicate which let the Hells angels profit from selling crack to all the crips in Montreal. White Supremacists exploiting a brother to make money. Imagine that.

This white boy Posse in Edmonton is pretty sickening. They use swastikas. Don't tell me the Hells angels have anything to do with honourable military service. We fought the Nazi's in the war. Promoting that cause here is a shameful disgrace.

The Hells Angels are the drug trade in Edmonton just like they are in Vancouver. They sure used Joey Verma and tossed him aside.

Big News: White Boy Posse members charged with murder and decapitation.


  1. Fort McMurray has a gang problem aswell, but it seems to me that no one, like the mayor, or police, will admit it. Twin 17 year old boys were just murdered in Mac by a "gang" and my heart just breaks for the parents. I see crack deals and prostitution everyday where i live. I just have to go out on my patio and instead of just enjoying the Albertan skies, i instead see the scariest of people do their crack, urinate on our vehichles while prostitutes are climbing out of vehicles to pull their pants down to wipe themselves. If they see you, they curse and scream at you until you retreat back inside. But worse is knowing that your own child could possibly be involved with "gang" activity and I am left at night alone and scared I may never see my daughter again. While she inturn does the same, only thinking that her own parents lives are in danger if she tries to leave or get help. I'm infuriated by these scumbags who think our children are their punching bag slaves! Cowards! I am not afraid, but I am for the children, so I say nothing. Thank you for bringing this subject to light. It's about time we stop being quiet, and admit theirs a problem. Put our heads together to come up with an effective action plan.If not for our selves but for our babies. The most dangerous animal in the world is a parent protecting their child.The most disgusting animal are these gangsters/baby snatchers.Chains? Guns? Gee whiz, these dudes could kill you just by their ugly looks alone. Beaten by the ugly stick or what with their swastikas. If these guys are so tough, why don't they join the Army and become real men?

  2. Wow, sorry to hear you’re living with the realities of crack addiction in your neighborhood. I think the key is to report crime. The police tend to coral the drug dealers into certain neighborhoods. Yet if the neighbors formed a block watch and kept calling the police every time they saw a crack dealer selling crack on the street, they the police’s crime stats go up which forces them to get involved. It is a terrifying thing to think one of your own children could get swept away in that scene. Tragic indeed. That’s why I think crack and meth are such horrible drugs we need to confront in our communities.


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