Friday, May 20, 2011

Graham Maryancik

Back in 2002, a meth lab was busted in Kelowna on Postill Drive. Five locals were charged: Chet V. Keller, Wesley V. Crandall, Russell J. Penner, David Tarasenko and (Graham) John Maryancik.

Turns out that meth lab was a "major production" point for the Valley and all of the accused had connections to the Hells Angels. Yet the prosecution of the trial went amiss and the first two charged got off completely. Turns out one of the key witnesses was shot and killed by the police.


  1. Thanks for the tip and the links. I thought her name sounded familiar. She was the whistle blower that claimed that under Andrew Cuomo's leadership "HUD was Being Run as a Criminal Enterprise." Cuomo was tied to the Bush fraud involving National Heritage Life Insurance and Cuomo is a democrat.

    She does seem very balanced. I like her reference to the financial sector as a great big tape worm:

  2. Wow, she is good. She is totally mainstream stable yet she also cites Mena Arkansas and Gary Webb:

  3. Yes isn't that odd that one of the key witnesses was shot and killed by BC authorities on a dark highway.. and no witnesses to that shooting. Makes one wonder about the relationship between gangs and law enforcement in BC, IMO.

  4. Yeah it does. It’s possible he had cold feet about testifying and did something stupid but it does sound like a strange coincidence. Sadly unfortunate.


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