Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Heritage Life Insurance

When we hear the name George Bush we pull out the shoe cannon and shout war criminal. Since he vetoed the bill to stop torture at Guantanamo bay he is even more of a war criminal than the Serb who just had his Canadian citizenship revoked for allegations of torture.

Yet everyone knows Bush is a war criminal. Not everyone knows about his extensive involvement with investment fraud. We talked about his involvement with Bre X and his family's involvement with Oil fraud. National Heritage Life Insurance is yet another.

National Heritage Life Insurance was featured on the TV series American Greed. They claimed "The owners of the Orlando, Fl based company are funneling company money into their own pockets. But they need help and Sholam Weiss is just the man to provide assistance. Together they find new ways to bilk the company. When all is said and done, they take $450 million from National Heritage."

"Federal authorities said the fraud began in the early 1990s, when a group of businessmen began looting the company. Weiss took control in 1993, and with several confederates bought up worthless stocks and mortgages. The money vanished or ended up in accounts controlled by Weiss." (and a "group of businessmen" who were not convicted)

According to former Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin, "National Heritage Life Insurance Company was part and parcel of Heritage Financial Group, Heritage Credit Group, Heritage Securities Group, Heritage Banking Group. It was more than just an insurance company. Heritage was a consolidated financial group involving securities, banking and insurance." (page 345 The Conspirators)

Al Martina claims that "One of the principals of the company was John Gotti. Among the directors was George Sr., George Jr.,Jeb, Neil ect. These were the directors of the holding company called Heritage Group International."

George Bush in business with John Gotti. Imagine that. Al Martin claims their purchase of the company began with fraud. He claims they wrote a cheque for $4 million from an empty account. As soon as Heritage transferred all it's files and assets, the new partnership then transfers $4 million from Heritage Life's reserve capital into their account to cover the $ 4 million cheque they had already written. (page 344)

He then claims they turned Heritage into a fraud centre where they would buy busted out HUD properties for $500,000, then list their value on Heritage books as $5 million. Martin claims they did this repeatedly. (page 344)

Martin claims "Andrew Cuomo, through his father Mario's influence, was hired on as a consultant to the corporation. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Heritage Life at $50,000 per year. When Andrew became Director of HUD, Andrew helped cover up Heritage's scams vis-a-vis HUD. Heritage in turn not only buys up HUD property, but it also becomes its own insurer of HUD property. For example, it would claim that the insurance premium on XYZ property was $1 million a year, when in fact the insurance was only $100,000 a year."

Martin thought they'd pick Andrew Cuomo to be the scam's scapegoat. Not so. Instead, they chose Sholam Weiss to be the scapegoat and made Andrew Cuomo governor of New York. After he was AG and investigate Life Insurance fraud of course. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Catherine Austin Fitts claimed that under Andrew Cuomo's leadership "HUD was Being Run as a Criminal Enterprise." (reposted thanks to Mike Rupert)

In fact, the Coumotarp blog refers to Andrew Cuomo's Predatory Heart Of Darkness and claims: "As Secretary of HUD, Andrew Cuomo reversed the policy of selling defaulted mortgages so that families could keep their homes. Instead, he chose to foreclose on mortgages, which meant that families lost their homes and insiders cleaned up on fire-sale priced properties. The US Treasury also lost billions." This is one of the guys that caused the bank crisis in the US and robbed the taxpayers out of that insane bailout.

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