Saturday, May 7, 2011

Investment Fraud

Before I return to my primary focus which is the Hells Angels violent control of the drug trade in East Van, Prince George and in Surrey, I'm going to expand slightly on the matters of investment fraud and illegal arms deals just because I can.

I think investment fraud is significant because it affects so many people. People lose their life savings. Destabilizing the market destroys pensions which are sacred. When people work hard all their life and save money for their pension only to find that money worthless and stolen when they retire then that is a heinous crime.

Not only that but the fraudulent bail outs with tax dollars these scams feed off of destabilize entire countries and prevent a country's ability to provide social programs like medical coverage for all. Good intentions are robbed by bad people who claim to be good with money while they scam you out of your retirement savings. This needs to be addressed.

Two preventions I would cite off the top of my head are beware of the get rich quick scheme. Sound financial management involves regular savings over and extended period of time. The other obvious fact is diversification. Don't put all your money especially your entire retirement savings all in one high risk investment. It's just not worth it. The first rule of sound investment strategy is diversification. You don't invest all your money in one area in case that area drops. Often large drops in the market are temporary and recover. Diversification helps people overcome being trapped by market fluctuations.

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