Friday, May 11, 2012

Jamie Kehoe’s murderer walks free

This is revolting. Jamie Kehoe’s murder was big news in Surrey. He was an innocent bystander sitting on a bus and a guy runs up to him and slashes his throat abruptly ending his life before it really got started. A tragedy that matches the Jesse Cadman murder.

Yesterday the news broke that the crown will not be proceeding with charges against the accused because of the unlikelihood of conviction. Not because he was innocent, but because the court couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused didn’t murder him in self defense. That is absolutely outrageous.

Jamie was a small kid. The accused isn’t. Jamie was a nonviolent skateboarder. He’s sitting on the bus with two friends, a guy and a girl. Another guy gets on the bus with another girl who becomes belligerent and relentlessly antagonizes the girl who is with Jamie and his other friend. The whole bus ride she keeps yelling at the girl, challenging her to a fight while the girl is silent.

As the belligerent girl gets off the bus the girl who was taunted the whole trip tells her to f off after she gets off the bus. The antagonistic girl freaks. She runs back onto the buss and starts kicking the sh*t out of the girl she had been taunting. The guy with the antagonistic girl then runs up to Jamie as he’s sitting in his seat and slashes his throat for no reason. That is just plain evil.

After he slashes Jamie’s throat, Jamie’s friend jumps in and starts to fight the assailant and ends up getting stabbed. That’s what happened. Denying the family a day in court because you don’t think you can prove it wasn’t in self defense is even more evil that the horrific murder itself. Just because two girls are fighting doesn’t necessarily mean the guys are going to jump in. They might help separate them or pull one off if the other starts getting seriously beat up but there is no reason this case can’t go to trial. Preventing the case from going to trial is a travesty of justice. It’s time to mobilize and march for justice. Being silent on this issue is wrong.

Update: A similar case in Chilliwack involving Lori Stevens has shown that particular crown counsel to be negligent.



  2. Funny, the chain of events released by the crown is completely different.


    2. There's no such thing as vigilante justice. Mob law is anarchy. The crown made a mistake and that needs to be examined just like in the Lori Stevens case:

  3. That isn’t what the crown said and it most certainly isn’t funny. The media reported that the crown claimed they couldn’t prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jamie’s friend didn’t pull out the baton first. They didn’t say that’s what happened. The witnesses are traumatized and terrified. They saw a woman terrorize a girl and kick the crap out of her then they saw her boyfriend slit an innocent bystanders’ throat. No doubt they are terrified to testify against them. He’s free to reoffend. I was at the candlelight vigil. I spoke with a friend of the family that knew and had spoken with Jamie’s’ two friends on the bus. Yes, it is hearsay but it passes the test of believability. The other claim does not.

  4. TOYOC beat me to it.

    But, then won't that make you like 'those Americans'? Wouldn't it be worth any price not to be accused of that? Because of course America and Americans are the source of all the world's problems..... :rolleyes:

  5. You never hear me saying that America and Americans are the source of all the worlds problems. It’s just when corrupt agencies and corrupt politicians violate the US constitution that we see problems arise. A criminal is a criminal regardless of what country he’s from.

  6. I really didn't mean you K. I was speaking to all the American bashing fucking limp dick hippie losers I knew in the 10 years I lived in the lower mainland, the enlightened "progressive" sheep who believe violence is always wrong. Just so I'm real clear about where I'm coming from here, Jamie Kehoe's murderer should not have survived the offense, he should have been shot down like the trash he is by some lawfully armed citizen on that bus.

  7. "Fears of a violent gang are keeping some northern B.C. residents from sharing information about the torture and decapitation of a young man following a party last winter, CBC News has learned."

    "The severed head of Fribjon Bjornson, 28, was found in a vacant house on the Nak'azdli reserve near Fort St. James on Feb. 3, three weeks after he was last seen about 60 kilometres away at a 7-Eleven in Vanderhoof, B.C."

    "The rest of his body was never found and no one has been charged in the case." (CBC)

    Another un-solved murder; but this one & another, recent, same-same, disappearance of yet another young girl on this "Highway Of Tears"...led to a personal revelation. About all this murder up there.

    It's someone amongst the Native tribes; living along that Highway; wot's done the murders. That is how they have been, incredibly, hidden and totally opaque for all these years. The chief admits at least twenty persons on his Res., know of this current murder, and dead silence!

    There is just a wall of omerta between the tribes and the Law; I've seen it, living up-country, all these years. Even when a native was herself killed, by a Quesnel tribe member, the same wall-of-silence descended and her killer never caught.

    It makes so much sense, that a Native, not white, killer/s work along the "Highway Of Tears." Maybe, they aren't seen as threatening by potential victims, than one single white guy. They know the country like no one; and would know when, & how, to locally dispose of a body so it would not be found.

    There is no reason to count out someone from the Native population, as we see now there are armed and dangerous Native gangs up North, as in this case.

  8. "Fears of a violent gang are keeping some northern B.C. residents from sharing information about the torture and decapitation of a young man following a party last winter." Wow, that is brutal and extreme. We had heard Fribjon had been tortured before his murder but that news report confirms that that he was indeed decapitated as some reports had claimed. That is outrageous. Now it appears that a gang was involved. I don't think there has been any racial profiling of the suspect yet. He could be white, native or anything else. The fact that his body, or at least part of his body was found on a reservation does imply someone from the reservation was in on it. Many chiefs on several reservations have had trouble with gangs disrupting the peace on Native reservations. I believe the Red Alert around Kamloops were affiliated with the Hells Angels.

    We know that the media recently reposted that the DNA of at least one of the murders along the highway of tears belonged to a white man who died in a US prison. Clearly, he was not responsible for all the murders as his dna had been ruled out in several cases. The decapitation reminds me of two disturbing cases in Surrey. Mihaly Illes was a caucasian from Hungary who was convicted of parading around with his victims decapitated head in a bucket. Another case was the murder of Paul Percy Soluk. The hit man was caucasian and so was the person who helped him dismember and dispose of the body. The accused claimed the murder was for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. But you will be happy to know that the accused in Jamie Kehoe’s murder was non white.


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