Monday, May 21, 2012

Montreal Madness: Little Bo Peep and her mindless lost sheep

It’s really sad to see such a wonderful city being held hostage by such a bunch of spoilt brats. I do not support the striking university students in Montreal. Not at all. This action has destroyed the post secondary education in that wonderful city for generations to come.

Affordable education is a good thing, but not that way. Creating violence because the government plans on raising tuitions after they have been frozen for so many years and are the lowest tuitions in the country - that’s not solidarity, that’s selfishness.

Let’s think what this protest has done to the Quebec economy. Look at what it’s done to tourism. You think anyone wants to visit there now? Not a chance. Let’s think about what this has done to the quality of education at the university. You think anyone is going to want to send their kids there now? Not a chance. Learn how to become a spoilt brat? Not on my dime.

These spoilt brats don’t give a rats ass about the professors and everyone who works at the university to feed their family. Are they supposed to work for free? Even if the Quebec government gave in to all the spoilt brat demands, that means everyone who works at the University is going to have to take a pay cut. That is not fair.

Money builds universities. Money buys equipment. These spoilt brats don’t care about that. They think money grows on trees. The solution is simple. Reopen the University. Anyone who prevents another student from going to class gets a permanent eviction from University and a restraining order preventing them from entering campus.

They can have all the protests they want. They just can’t prevent other students who want to go to class from going to class. The police aren’t helping. Don’t kick the cat. Don’t pepper spray anyone for protesting. Pepper spray people who are throwing rocks, setting fires and breaking windows. It really is that simple.

One spokesperson for the police said it’s very hard to determine who is just protesting and who is causing violence. No it’s not. If you see someone break a window or throw stones then pepper spray or use the truncheon on them. If you don’t see them commit an act of violence, don’t use force against them. It’s that simple.

The bottom line is these idiots are destroying the standard of education in Montreal. This protest has nothing to do with Occupy or corporate greed. It is about the greed of spoilt brats who don’t care that people who work at the university have to get paid to feed their families.

In the words of the Beatles:

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out?

You say you've got a real solution Well, you know We'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We are doing what we can But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell is, brother, you'll have to wait

You say you'll change the constitution Well, you know We all want to change your head You tell me it's the institution Well, you know You'd better free your mind instead But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

Motive for nude protests cloaked in mystery


  1. This is the face of modern entitlement socialism.

    Why is anyone surprised? It's been around since the 60's. "The world/government owes us a living/education/whatever." The money to pay for it all will just magically appear from somewhere other than hardworking people's taxes.

    No it won't. It never did and never will. And over that same 50 year period Canadians freedoms and opportunities have been stolen by politicians marketing themselves as public servants rather than what they really are, incremental re-distributionists. Now you wind up with a 50% tax rate (and they're looking for more, whatever they take/you give will never be enough, always back for more) and a society that is all but powerless against organized (and disorganized) crime.

    Chicken, meet roost.

  2. I think Jian Ghomeshi put it well:!/jianghomeshi/status/203588838428381184

    My take is that banning free speech and assembly is an act of totalitarianism, and I certainly hope it does not work here.

    1. You can't ban free speech. The government has taken the wrong approach by saying people can't assemble. However, they have taken that position because the spoilt brats are throwing stones and breaking windows. That is a crime. The government's approach is like imposing a curfew during a riot. The spoilt brats have prevented other students who had a different opinion from attending class. They only want free speech for them, they don't want free speech for others. That is totalitarianism. The majority of Quebec voters support Charest on this issue. When the minority hold the majority at ransom, that is not a democracy. That is something else represented by their little red patch.

  3. Ah, what the hell, Agent K, it's just University, where every issue's so very serious's meaningless! Students trashed the Faculty Club at UBC; after a rousing speech in the late '60's by Abbie Hoffman or someone...Weird trips ALWAYS break out at Uni. I remember that heady atmosphere of late-teen freedom; and for many, a 1st look at political history, Marxism especially, etc., that winds 'em up and riles 'em up...

    Wasn't tuition actually FREE for these protesting kids, isn't that what this is all about; 1st time introduction of any tuition at all? You're totally right, these brats were on one of the world's huge gravy-trains; free University, it's un-affordable. Places like Kuwait & Arab Gulf States, have free education...for an obvious reason!

    And now I see the V. Sun pics. of UBC kids protesting *in solidarity* with Quebec.

    The one point I wish to make is that BC tuition is too high! $7,000-$8,000/year! That is crazy, I paid $700 ...Do you think education somehow got TEN TIMES better; than the same University was, only 30 years ago, in around 1980? That is just not possible.

    It's so very expensive to live here, and that's a real shame for young families; who are priced right out of places like Kerrisdale, which was only a middle-class neighborhood then. My family is the last Caucasoid hold-out. None of us kids could have bought there, a new ethnic group owns every house on our block. It's NOT "Multi-culturalism." What's happened is just moving out one ethnic group; and pushing in a different one. What is so honourable about that...? Is it good for Point Grey, my old High School, to be 97% Chinese? Why? Laughably, we had a FAR better representation of ethnic groups BEFORE the Chinese took over totally; and we were ordered to shout, "Multi-Culturalism" from the rooftops, or be branded racists by the Left.

    Why do the Chinese NEED to own everything? Their arrogance and hatred of the Caucasoid community is disgusting, they are as bad or worse racists than everybody else.

    1. Alotting tax dollars for education is a good thing. Australia has free university education. That is a worth while goal. You don't attain that goal they way they are going about it. We have to balance a budget. We have to have tax revenue. We have to decide where that tax revenue will be spent first. Do we raise the age of retirement to 70 to pay for a bunch of spoilt brats? I don't support that. How many hospitals or seniors homes do we close? There are many important social causes, not just one. Robbing those other causes to appease a bunch of spoilt brats is wrong.

  4. What an idiotic post. The students are protesting the erroneous direction society is heading, leaving less opportunity for the masses while the elites call all the shots. The tuition issue, if you followed the issue verses listening to the mainstream media, was simply a catalyst.

    By the way Agent K, no other generation other than YOURS, the boomers had a greater sense of entitlement in this country.

    Stick to rousting the ha's, this Montreal civil unrest completely eludes you.

    1. It is about tuition. That is why they are preventing other students from attending class. They have a list of demands. They want tuition frozen. The government came with a counter offer and they said it wasn't good enough. Now they want to add other items to their list of demands as they continue to push what was once a great university right down the toilet. Well done.


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