Friday, May 18, 2012

Ron Lising granted Bail

Well, well, well. Kim Bolan is reporting that we Ronnie has been granted day parole. We remember Ron Lising. He’s the full patch “East Van” Hells Angel that got beat up in Surrey. A guy from Surrey beat him up and took his patch. The brothers weren’t impressed. Then he gets the roid man Michael Plante to come with him to the guys place and asks Michael Plante to shoot him. How lame is that?

Plante, who turned out to be a police informant, fired a few shots over the guys head and said the gun jammed but testified in court that Ronnie didn’t believe him when he said the gun jammed. So what’s Ronnie gonna do? Beat up Michael Plante? Not likely. You can read all about it in Neil Hall’s book, Hell to Pay.

Ron Lising was convicted of drug trafficking along with John Punko who is more of a scrapper but could end up like Juel Stanton just because the boys like to screw a brother when it profits them. The article says Ronnie claims he wants to retire. Good idea. Better retire than expire like Juel did.


  1. Lising's colors weren't stolen... Randy potts got beat up, and had his colors stolen.

  2. Right. I got Ronnie mixed up with Potsie.


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