Friday, May 11, 2012

Drug user convicted of Surrey murder

Jose Hector Luna Morales came to Surrey from El Salvador. He was murdered by his ex-friend and roommate Lester Ovidio Beuzo Oseguera. Oseguera was a crack addict on a crack binge when he shot his room mate in the neck in Surrey. Tell me now that crack is not a horribly destructive drug. Tell me now that the fat cats who profit from the crack trade don’t have blood on their hands from this murder and many more just like it.

The court had heard how Oseguera fronted about $10,000 in cocaine from a fellow Honduran on East Hastings Street before the binge. A Honduran gang selling crack on East Hastings. Gee I wonder who they were working for. Stop the Greed. End the public sale of crack.


  1. AK: "A Honduran gang selling crack on East Hastings. Gee I wonder who they were working for."

    It may be harder to figure that than just saying, "Everything in BC is HA." Maybe this is MS-13, why not..?

    A friend used to be a crew-member. He would go to the stash house to pick up a max of four ounces of blowcaine. He said the kilos were stacked up in the room, quite a few in their original Mexican/South American packaging.

    So, I asked him, who are these guys, (thinking I knew, of course)...and it was the Colombians.(!)

    They protected him, & supplied the stash house, apparently being in operation for years. So, the Colombians are here, and nobody, not even the HA, fucks with them. And don't forget the Mexican Cartel reps., openly selling @ *the Corner*, I doubt the HA has the stones to bother them either.

    It's not just the HA, Agent K, from what I've heard, and it's primary source info., after all...

  2. I don’t believe anyone is selling drugs at Main and Hastings without the HAs permission. Here MS-13 are just a couple older guys with graffiti tags around the Broadway Sky train station. MS-13 are huge in LA. Originally from El Salvador. Yet the Hells Angels control the drugs in East Van. That is their turf. No one sells crack in East Van without paying the HAs for permission to do so.

  3. AK: "I don’t believe anyone is selling drugs at Main and Hastings without the HAs permission."

    Yes, they are! When were YOU last down there? If you're at all knowledgable about the street drug-scene here, you'd KNOW that the corner has long since been declared *open territory*, no one gets beat down for selling there; it's an open zone. A guy I know sold 100 T3's there a few days back. Did he have to pay HA a share? Of course not! Why don't you listen to someone who goes down there; and knows the scene, fer Chrissakes'! That's what having folks posting on here is all about; to help you expand your knowledge of the trips that go down.

    Are you saying they were all lying, when my friend was told multiple times he was going to a Colombian stash joint? YOU weren't there! Yet you know the Colombians & Mexicans here, bow down to the HA, or that neither Cartel is here?? Talk about a crazy, utterly negative attitude to new information! WTF is the use of telling you anything, you just sneer, "HA, HA, HA!"

    So, OK, we extend you an invitation to clear your head. Me & my friend will escort you right to the Corner, and keep a watch over ya while you scope out the folks there. There are NO HA minders there. And, hear FIRSTHAND what my friend has to tell you; about where their coke came from, and you can plug yer ears and close yer eyes like a child and shout, "HA, HA, HA!!" until the cows come home.

    Repeating nonsense does NOT make you right, it just means you repeat stuff you have no idea about.

    1. Freddy: I’m not going to argue with you, I’m just going to disagree with you. Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I’m not listening. You’re obviously a smart guy with some inside knowledge. Yet it is clear that the Hells Angels are very good at flying under the radar. You yourself bought pot from the Black door without realizing it was controlled by the Hells Angels.

      I realize the Hells Angels don’t control all the drugs in the big cities like Toronto. That’s why they break into the smaller towns and use violence to take over the drug trade there because it’s easier for them to control small towns then the big cities. Yet in Surrey, Eric Sandberg told an undercover agent they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey which is exactly what they are doing.

      We see how the Hells Angels have taken over the drug trade in Prince George, Kelowna and Vernon. Every step of the way is met with denial. Their complicated web of puppet clubs is amazingly organized.

      We know mom Boucher made Greg Wooley a member of the Rock Machine and gave him his own puppet club called the Syndicate. Who would have thought the Crips in Montreal were selling crack for the Hells Angels? Even in Surrey I would have not known the Hells Angels were involved with the crack dealers there until I saw it with my own eyes. Drug dealers just look like drug dealers.

      I see that drugs are still sold openly at Main and Hastings. That is a concern all on it’s own. We know the Hells angels control the drugs sold at Oppenheimer Park close by. We know they control the drugs at the Cobalt and American Hotel. We know they control all the pot near the black door including the hostels in the area like the Cambie and the American Backpackers.

      If the Hells Angels will kick the cat by using that kind of violence against small timers a few blocks down the road but not against the big timers at Main and Hastings then they are absolute pussies.

  4. Agent K have been following your blog for some time now completely accidental. So why would the MS-13 even be would think the HA would put the kibosh on that.

    I took a few lumps from them way back in about 99 or 2000 when they patched over many in Ontario.Did not like my attitude i guess,a billy to the head a slight loss of hearing in left ear.

    I suppose i did not show the right level of respect at the time.I wasn't crooked just a citizen who got outta line,a few to many...and knew no fear.

    I take issue with some of your political views hope you are not a bleeding heart liberal.But i respect your right to speak your mind...cheers

    OMAR you want him in your neighbourhood?

    1. I don’t think anyone wants to piss off MS-13. I was told the handful of guys here claiming to be MS-13 are just a couple of older guys that beat up kids and that they aren’t really connected.

      As for politics, I believe in individual freedom and human rights. I believe in free enterprise and the free market. Giving private corporations monopolies is not a free market. I also aspire to something higher.


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