Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunset on Seymour

Lots of snow still on the local mountains. I love the back country. Life has so much more to offer that you can’t find in a pill or a crack pipe. One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen was that video clip a “friend” of Amy Winehouse took of her smoking a crack pipe looking at her wedding picture. She was using the crack pipe to help her cope with the loss but it wasn’t helping. It just made things worse.

We all knew Mike Robatzek was an idiot but Jamie Keyhoe wasn’t. Jamie didn’t deserve to die just as his life was beginning to blossom. After I made my post about Jamie’s murderer walking away free, someone wrote in and said they read a different account of what happened in the news.

We all know how the media can twist things. The courts never said his friend attacked the accused with a baton first. The court said they couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that isn’t what happened even though it wasn’t. Even if that was true, any police officer trained in the use of force will tell you that slitting someone’s throat with a knife is a deadly attack. It is not self defense.

Jamie was unarmed. He was a nice but smaller kid. He was sitting on the bus when his throat was slit. No doubt there is conflicting testimony from the witnesses. They witnessed a belligerent female harass another female then kick the crap out of her. They also saw her boyfriend slit a kid’s throat for no reason. Do you think they might be a bit scared for their safety if they testify against her? No kidding.

This sunset is for Jamie. In the end, truth will prevail.

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