Friday, May 18, 2012

Hells Angels in Okanagan Falls

Looks like the OK coral is going to be the new Slack Alice’s after it burned down in Penticton. It shows an interesting criminal association so it does. They sure like to bring the heat and bring attention to themselves. A prelude to the Kelowna Summer Jam I suppose. If you get jammed up, don’t mention my name. Don’t support the Kelowna Hell Angels. I rather support Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Dain Philips.

What’s up with the Trusst Uss clothing right beside the Kelowna Hells Angels booth selling support your local Red and White stickers? What a bizarre motto. Trust Us You will lose. Doesn’t really sound very promising.

Some of those T-shirts look pretty bizarre. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be a real money maker. A front for something else maybe but not a stand alone money maker. He has Gimli selling them over at Primal Instict.

I can't believe that butt ugly idiot CJ Spoon is still hanging around like herpes. That's a face only a mother could love. Poor girl. Have a little self respect. The money just isn't worth it.


  1. I remember posting how these guys' strength comes from their usual ability to move absolutely anywhere, to monopolize the smallest town. Organized crime knows there's cash to be made from nickel-amd-diming everyone.

    But what's sad to see is their open and visible expansion without citizen organized activity/outrage. Where are the demos. against them? Why did the Nomads just get to waltz into Burnaby and open up a smooth new Clubhouse? They should be picketed 24 hours./day, by concerned citizens, until they've had it and leave for a quieter surrounding.

    But we, here, don't have communities willing to go this far, which IS how far one needs to go to force the hand of the powers that be! How do you suggest, is the best way to move citizen participation? Organized meetings, calling for volunteer observation teams? Enhanced Block Watch? Neighborhoood patrols?

  2. Interesting how the Death's Head on their TrussTuss t-shirts is the same used by the Waffen SS during the Nazi reign.

  3. You are correct Sir, that is indeed the Totenkopf.


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