Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chad Karylchuk‏ and the Hells Angels

Keeping up with the Kelowna Summer Jam, another name we need to add to the list of casualties who were affiliated with the Hells Angels and have since died is Chad Karylchuk‏. In this picture Chad is posing with someone wearing a Hells Angels T-Shirt.

Kim Bolan has posted pictures of Don Lyons, the Independent Soldier who plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and was the prime supplier for Lester Jones, the former vice president of the Kelowna Hells Angels.

Now we know that isn’t Don Lyons in the picture with Chad. So who is it? We know it’s a member of the Hells Angels. We also know Chad was friends with Joey Verma. Chad wasn’t shot. He died of a drug over dose. Yet many seem to think it was a forced over dose and that he knew things about Britney Irving’s murder which could have got him killed.

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