Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gang shooting in Port Moody

Meanwhile back at the gang war, Hells Angels rivals in Vancouver are still getting executed left, right and centre. Gurbinder Singh Toor, a 35-year-old gangster connected to the embattled Duhre/Dhak crime group was fatally shot outside a busy Port Moody recreation centre 9:30 Wednesday night.

The Duhre/Dhak Pack are connected to the UN. They buy their drugs from the UN not the Hells Angels. That is why they are getting wiped off the face of the earth. Even Kim Bolan agrees that in this recent “gang war” the Dhak-Duhre gang has suffered the most violence. Now she's even composed a list of nine members of the Dhure / Dhak Pak that have been shot in less than a year with zero casulties on the "other" side. The violence is very one sided. I had eight in my list May 5th but that was before Wednesdays shooting.

The Duhre/Dhak Pack was not responsible for the Kelowna shooting that killed Jonathon Bacon and wounded Larry Amero. They might have been in Kelowna and told someone what they saw. They might have told someone that Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon finally came out of the closet and were publically bragging about their association but they didn’t do the hit.

No this new gang war is simply Eric Sandberg’s prediction coming true. He told agent 22 that “they” were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. That is what this recent violence is all about. The Hells Angels violent control of the local drug trade.


  1. If Duhre/Dhak group was not responsible for the Kelowna hit who was? Why do you say they were not responsible?

  2. I've heard a name but I'm not going to repeat it. Personally I think someone in the UN contracted the hit. It was a professional job, not just some drive by. The Hells Angels had been playing the UN for years. Doing business with them and pretending to be their friend on one hand and doing business with their enemies on the other. In the 2009 gang war the Bacon brothers and the UN were clearly doing hits on each other. For Larry Amero to publically support their despised enemy was a huge slap in the face.

    Before the Kelowna hit some UN members in prison got serious beatings. The Bacon brothers don't control the prisons but the Hells Angels do. I think that's when a light finally went on for them. Larry Amero publically bragging about his association with Jonathon Bacon just confirmed it. The Hells Angels "control" of the directors of Bandera gold is another example of their subtle infiltration. They are players. They'll lie to your face and pay someone to stab you in the back. Guys like Khun Khun on the other hand are just plain idiots.

    1. Agent K,

      What's the status of the UN gang?
      I read conflicting comments & reports about their numbers & long-term outlook.

    2. I have no real inside knowledge about the UN other than what we read in the paper. We know Clay’s in jail and a few others were arrested for trying to shoot the Bacon brothers outside TBarz. We know Larry Amero sent an old girlfriend to accompany them as a sign of good faith. With friends like that who needs enemies.

      The UN is the biggest and most organized gang that hasn’t bent over for and kissed the Hells Angels ass like all the puppets who pay the Hells Angels for protection. We know Elliot Castenada and Ahmet (Lou) Kaawach were shot in Mexico back in 2008. They were both connected to Bandera Gold.

      We know Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz was shot in Mexico earlier this year. I personally think the UN still exist. Their underdog success story is the fact that they have regular people and their strength comes from numbers. Yet I still don’t support selling crack. The recent arrest of two directors of Bandera Gold who have been accused of money laundering for the UN makes me think they are still active and still organized. Yet Anthony Ricci and Ralph Biggar’s involvement with those directors also implies to me the Hells Angels are still subtly trying to take over the UN like every other group that doesn’t kiss their ass.

  3. The UN no longer exist? That's the ridiculous statement. Like Clay Roueche isn't making new contacts in prison:

    Who do you think Bandera Gold was caught laundering money for? That is a huge operation. Kim Bolan claims the Dhure/Dhak Pack is affiliated with the UN.


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