Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laura Szendrei murder trial under way

I haven’t heard anything in the news of late but last February it was announced that the trial for the suspect arrested for the murder of Laura Szendrei was scheduled to start August 13 2012 and run till October. First I want to say that her death is an absolute tragedy.

We need to separate the fact that her father wore Hells Angels support gear and that Hells Angels attended the funeral. We need to separate that completely from the case. A young girl was murdered. Beaten to death. Police say they don’t think victim knew the suspect which makes it even more tragic and bizarre. Someone just beats a young girl to death for no reason. Incomprehensible.

The moral of the story is that murder is a horrible thing. It is devastating for a whole family. I think it would be inherently offensive if some idiots started a free this murderer facebook group like they did for Matt Foley back east. I don’t see that happening because everyone here agrees this murder was horrible.

Some people get all upset because they claim the father threatened revenge in court. That is a pretty human thing to do. Those kinds of feelings are appropriate given the tragic nature of the situation. We need to set that aside too. It does however lead us to the concept of justice. They say where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

The legal consequence for murder in Canada is bad enough as it is. The fact that the kid was a young offender makes it worse. Even less time served. Thanks to Chuck Cadman and his work with CRY: Crime Responsibility Youth, young offenders can now be tried as adults in the case of serious crimes like murder. Clearly this suspect should be tried as an adult in this case.

There’s a publication ban on the kids name because he was a young offender at the time but there isn’t a publication ban on the motive and the sentence he will receive. That needs to be discussed.

The Surrey Leader is now reporting on the trial.


  1. First, I just wanted to compliment you on the speedy blog post. It seems that my comment on your previous article regarding this has reminded you of this tragic event and prompted you to write this one.
    Secondly, I have an extremely hard time comprehending what in the world would possess a 17 year old guy (who didn't even know this young girl) to essentially beat her to death! The thing that's troubling me is what could possibly be his motive. Does he just have a sadistic nature? So bizarre. The murder scene has been constantly replaying in my mind lately. Sweet Laura just minding her own business, strolling through the park when suddenly, in a manner of seconds, her world is completely turned upside down when a teen almost beats her senseless. Then she fights for her life in the hospital where she pays the ultimate price. The story strikes a raw nerve, and the fact that it was most likely random just makes it more insane. I can't fathom the amount of agony and pain she went through during that time.
    Lastly, you say that "some people get all upset because they claim the father threatened revenge in court". I believe you are referring to my comment on your previous article. I was not upset at that, I was just making a statement. If my mother had been murdered like this, I would most likely feel the same way.

    Good blog post.

  2. Yes your comment on that old blog post reminded me an accused was arrested so I looked into how the trial was going. You made a fair comment about the father's criminal associations and his threat of revenge in court. Many people have expressed that concern. I was just trying to separate that from the case and find out what on earth the motive could be. We know the world is full of deviants out there but we were told it wasn't a sexual assault. Beating a girl to death for no reason is so bizarre.

  3. Why is it a big deal to want to kill this murderer? He should be killed, that's a fair payment for his crime. Let the father shoot him. I doubt few in BC, except the usual far-Left-ists, would complain at all.

  4. Great post Agent K , Yes we do have to ask why .... from what i have read and watched on this type of offender it is a fantasy and sexual and power .. some take many many years to act out ( Russell Williams) Some start with animals , setting fires etc. BUT it is all about arousal over power . When they look into this kids life they will find somewhere he felt powerless AND is now asserting the power . This was the beginning of a serial killer . Once they get that rush of killing they only get more allusive and better at the kill ... because they think these killings over detail by detail every moment until the kill .

  5. Thanks for the insight. Perhaps. Sadly enough a sexual assault would in some twisted way be seen as a motive. Yet we were told it wasn’t a sexual assault. A random act of violence from the beginnings of a serial killer would indeed be concerning for the entire community. Seaquam and North Delta is a very nice community.

  6. i live within 5 mins of where the attack took place . they have cleared underbrush in the park . The more the public learn about these type of killers the more they will know that clearing underbrush is ridiculous ... these killers are acting out a fantasy that they have played out in their minds for sometimes many years . clearing underbrush will stop nothing . as for the Dad ! i don't blame him for wanting his own justice . I would be the same .


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