Thursday, August 2, 2012

US Judge orders 911 damages

Several stories coming in at once. I’ll start with the one no one wants to hear first. This one is absurd. Since it’s in today’s news, I suppose that means we’re allowed to talk about it. A U.S. judge says al-Qaida, the Taliban and Iran should pay $6 billion to relatives of Sept. 11 victims for aiding in the 2001 terror attacks in New York.

Last year Judge George Daniels signed a default judgment on the law-suit brought by family members of 47 victims. He found al-Qaida, the Taliban and Iran liable and asked the magistrate to determine damages. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has denied any Iranian connection to the attacks.

OK hold the door. Let’s imagine for a minute that 911 wasn’t an inside job. I know it’s difficult but let’s just pretend. Many people thought Iraq was invaded because they were involved with the 9/11 attack on the World Trade centre. Wrong. Iraq was invaded because George Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He said he was sure of it. He was wrong. They didn’t have any. When the invasion was complete George the war criminal Bush said Mission Accomplished.

Aside from the fact that the US put Saddam Hussein in power. Aside from the fact that they sold him chemical weapons to use on Iran. Aside from the fact that Libby Davies took an envoy of her own to inspect a US weapons manufacturing plant that had a sign outside saying restricted access, weapons of mass destruction. Aside from all that, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and it was never implied they did. Many individuals arrived at that misconception through their own misunderstanding.

We were told that Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11. That’s why we were told they were invaded. They didn’t say anything at the time about losing the contract to the oil pipeline to Bridas. We were told that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attack even though the bin Laden confession video didn’t look anything like bin Laden.

Before the invasion, the Taliban said what makes you think Osama is responsible for the attacks? Show us the evidence. The US refused and demanded they turn him over to a US court for trial. Not likely which they understandably refused. So Afghanistan was invaded and the contract for the oil pipeline was reversed. It was taken away from Argentina based Bridas and given back to an American company.

The Taliban had opium production in Afghanistan almost completely stopped in 2001. Since the invasion of Afghanistan opium production has steadily increased and Afghanistan has now returned to being the largest opium producers in the world. Opium as we know is used to make heroin. Finally bin Laden was found in Pakistan not Iran. He was conveniently executed without a trial just like Gaddaffi was.

So now all of a sudden, a US judge signs a default judgment meaning the accused were not even present to defend themselves claiming Iran is liable. That is absolutely absurd. We remember how England recruited the US secret service to tamper with the democratic process in Iran. It was a dirty deal to steal their oil called Operation Ajax. We remember how George Bush Sr. And William Casey were involved with the October Surprise in Iran.

So assuming 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, this brazen abuse of democracy is offensive. How many billion dollars did the court award Japan for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Don’t get me started on Pearl Harbor.

If a court is going to have a fair trial about the liability owed the victims of 9/11, it will have to hear testimony from Professor Stephen Jones about the thermite found in the 9/11 ruble and all the Scholars and Engineers that still believe the destruction of those towers was a controlled demolition since they met no resistance and fell at freefall speed. Absurd default judgments like this is an offense to liberty and the free world.


  1. "Aside from the fact that the US put Saddam Hussein in power."

    Um...NO. We supported him by selling him arms AFTER he gained power, and during the Iran-Iraq conflict that ran 1980-1988 we gave them intell support on Iran in addition to arms sales.

    The truth is bad enough, there's no need for you to make stuff up.

  2. Ah, no... the CIA had him in exile and supported the coup that put him in power:

    What's with the bullshit disinformation?

  3. Ah, someone made a YouTube clip so it's true? Really? From the comments on that posting.....

    Question: "Where is the proof for all this stuff about Saddam being on the CIA payrole and the covert aid? Where did you get this information?"

    Answer: "I didnt actually create the content. I found it in a torrent full of "random" stuff and cant find the "source". It was too good to keep to myself though."


    From Wikipedia:

    [QUOTE]Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti, an Iraqi general and friend of Saddam who defected in 1991, has alleged that the Soviet Union covertly assisted the Iraqi Ba'athists in gaining and holding onto power in the sixties. "I was there helping with the revolution and worked on two occasions with Soviet KGB officials to help train us," he said.[28] For thirty years, the KGB and FSB trained Iraqi secret police; some 70,000 Russian military advisors, many of them intelligence and security specialists, served in Iraq from 1973-2003.[UNQUOTE]

    But, yeah, the CIA did it. Dude, I know your heart is in the right place but come on, a little due diligence instead of just blindly jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon every single chance you get. I mean seriously, do you have any ability at all to resist anything someone says as long as they support your worldview by saying the CIA did it? Spend some time on what the Chinese Ministry of State Security (there's a benign, unthreatening moniker if I ever heard one) or the Russian FSB (KGB by a new name, the Russian president being a former KGB officer) is up to these days, or how they deal with dissent. Why is it always your own guys who are the bad guys to guys like you?

  4. The CIA are a criminal organization that deny everything. I do believe Saddam was a CIA asset just like Osama was. Selling him chemical weapons to use on Iran would also imply that. The Soviets helped the communist group and the CIA helped the fascist group. Both groups were evil.

  5. What two "both groups" are you talking about? IT'S THE SAME GROUP. Saddam's group WAS the Ba'ath Party. This is what I mean about you researching things a bit more sometimes.


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