Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Annie Oakley chases 5 armed robbers

Chalk one up of for the right to bear arms. A blog reader sent this security video of a recent armed robbery at a jewelry store in Garden Grove California.

Five guys barge in with guns drawn ordering everyone to get down on the ground. Then the owner in the back sees them, picks up her gun and starts shooting at them through a small window in the back.

Immediately all five guys race for the door, jump in their car and take off faster than you can say reload.

Rather amusing seeing the gun toting senior chase them out of her store.


  1. The jewelers here have been on a roll.

    About 5 or kills in 6 months and none of the jewelers hurt.
    One even drew while the robber had a gun to his managers head.
    He killed the guy with a shot between the eyes.

    She was locked in a room shooting out a little gun port. Why not?

  2. 5 or 6 kills? That's pretty hard core. I think her shooting out of a window from the back was strategically wise.

  3. Here is that other story: The attempted robbery began when Robert Avery was allowed into the locked premises of Monaco Jewelers on Doheny Park Road in San Juan Capistrano. Clark allegedly entered with Desmond Brown. Avery grabbed the store manager and pointed the gun at the manager's head and chest. Prosecutors say the store owner then shot Avery and turned the gun on Brown and shot him as the robber was running toward him.

    Brown, according to prosecutors, kept moving toward the owner and was shot again. Both Brown and Avery died at the scene as Clark fled.

  4. I guess its easy for us to say don't resist but if you own the place and may or may not have insurance who knows.
    5 guys, all they can carry could put you out of business pretty fast.
    I can understand being fed up. Seemed the guys from LA, all seem to be on parole come every week.

  5. Wow. I guess it's funnier when they run away after being shot at.

    To live an die in LA.

  6. I couldn't believe it when I saw that second story.

    To quick draw while someone has a gun to your managers head and take two out guys is like Bat Masterson stories I read about.

    Now I don't know if the manager with the gun to her head was his ex wife....

    1. To draw from the holster and achieve 2 center mass hits in 2 seconds from a distance of 7m is really not that hard for the average human being to achieve. This of course takes some training, and then some practice to raise the skill set to that level, but it is easily achievable for most. Head shots at closer ranges (these social situation tend to be at 10 feet or less)are likewise not the miracle of pistol craft the uninitiated might imagine.

      Do not mistake the fact that you have never done this for the non-fact that you could not. I have seen people achieve this level of ability in just a few days instruction, many of them women.

      This is why we say, "God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal". True statement people....

  7. I would agree but under that pressure and to take up two people.
    I remember the video of the State trooper where the dashboard camera catches a wild shootout with suspects Chevie Kehoe and his brother Cheyne.

    Seemed like 20 shots from 10 feet and nobody got him

  8. It can go both ways, and everything in between. Everything comes down to state of mind.


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