Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse raided

Speak of the devil. I was just saying we hadn’t heard anything from Kelowna in a while. All this news coming out of Montreal and the Maritimes distracted us. Drive by’s are always happening in Surrey. So Castanet is confirming it, the police had a search warrant for a Southeast District drug file and raided the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse. I hope they didn't find Giles' rusty vibrator. Somethings are better left unsaid. Press conference on Monday in Vancouver.

I doubt they found anything as no one would be stupid enough to stash anything at the clubhouse but it is good to see them keep the pressure on for the Kelowna Summer Jam. If ya get jammed up, don’t mention ma name. I do have some comments to make but I have to get up early for work and I just got back from climbing Seymour third peak so I’m bagged. Catch ya on the rise G.

Hey everybody, look. It's Billy the Kid having a mid life crisis. Deja Vu. Reminds me of Robert Thomas trying to stare down reporters last time. Only look where Thomas is now. Getting his ass kicked in prison and nobody cares. Prospects and greenhorns. They still have the biggest chip on their shoulders trying to prove to the world what an idiot they really are. You go girl.

Update: David Giles - BUSTED! Oh Happy Day!


  1. Could you please just be professional and stick to the facts. Your immature comments just lower you closer to their pane of existence. It is fairly obvious you have some sort of history with some of these guys, and you do not like them, but perhaps in the spirit of professional investigative journalism, you could put that aside and let objectivity govern your writing a little more.

  2. Sorry, I just think that cowboy bob billy the kid looks ridiculous. I’m not a professional journalist. I’m an angry citizen. It got personal when they threatened to rape my daughter. It got personal when they murdered Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Dain Philips. It got personal when I saw a crack dealer the Hell Angels were enforcing for in Surrey central try and turn a 14 year old girl into a crack ho. That’s when it got personal. Shooting off my mouth is a lot safer then me getting a gun and start shooting these clowns or start blowing shit up.

  3. Professional, this guy half, of his post are bias. He gets about a dime worth of info from Sun paper and expands it into something it's not. In his post he has confirmed he is a pot user and most of these are pipe dreams.

  4. 1) If I was a pot user, who cares? There's a huge movement supporting the legalization of marijuana. I personally support the decriminalization of marijuana not the legalization of it. I have always stressed there is a huge difference between pot and crack or crystal meth and think mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot are stupid. I do agree there are many people out there who smoke way too much pot and way too many people who smoke pot when they drive. Yet I do think hemp paper is a sustainable resource.

    2) Having said that, I don't smoke pot. I don't even like the smell of it. It appears things have changed considerably from when I was a kid. I would say all of my posts are biased. I have an opinion. I don't like crack or crystal meth. My posts support that opinion. Columnist in newspapers express their opinion. I'm just a blogger. Bloggers express opinions. No two people agree on every issue but a lot of people out there disagree with the gang violence the Hells Angels are using to control and expand their drug trade.

  5. Jeeeez the bikers and the corner boys take like 99% of the heat, and those that don't end up locked up, end up buried lol

    If you want to make money in the game buy for a dollar and sell for two..that's it..leave the gangster shit alone.


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