Friday, August 24, 2012

Bacchus cut off their Pinocchio nose but still kiss ass

Well, Buttkiss are kissing each other’s ass over this ridiculous apology they received from the RCMP. An RCMP officer warned the public about Bacchus coming to St. George in that they were a 1% OMG tied to the Hells Angles. That is true. Mike Weatherly was covered in Hells Angels support pins. Apologizing for making that statement is rather ridiculous as is Buttkiss' codependent love fest over it. Matt Foley is a murderer. Bacchus was selling drugs in PEI for the Hells Angels. They post pictures of themselves with Hells angels just like the Zig Zag crew did. Those are the facts. The police have a moral duty as well as a legal obligation to warn the public of criminal activity. Their new logo looks more like Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes.

They can cut off their condom covered brown nose on their new logo all they want but they still kiss ass and as soon as they start kissing each other’s ass that Pinocchio nose keeps growing right back. They are brown nosers. That is all they are and all they ever will be. They will never be independent from the Hells angels or they would cease to exist. Theirs is a puppet’s life forever.

I will point out the Nazi lightening bolts on one of their new tattoos. That is the same thing as a swastika. It is racist and pisses on the graves of all the solders who died on the beaches of Normandy liberating France from Nazi occupation. How does your finger puppet Mike Weatherly feel about that? In Montreal the White Supremacists get Greg Wololey to sell drugs for them. Looks like that con is catching on. Just like Tupac said, crack’s got em crazy. Jumping out of the frying pan into a new form of slavery. Pat James is the flaming idiot causing all the problems in Bridgewater. Patron saints all right. It’s spelt the same dumbass.


  1. Don't forget that the lightning bolts "used to be" the "Filthy Few" sign for those who had killed for the HAMC, or at least done something for the club that is above and beyond the norm, and that seems to be the role that Bacchus and all the other puppet clubs fulfill.

  2. Indeed. The Nazi lightening bolts used to be on the Hells Angels Filthy Few Patch. Until they just came right out and replaced it with 666. No beating around the bush there. HA support gear mean support your local 666 who profit from the sale of crack. I guess the grey areas are starting to diminish as the line between good and evil becomes more clear.

  3. I frequent your site every now and then just for humor sakes.

    Yes you have the right to your opinion but some of the shit you say is just plain amusing. You can say whatever you want though most of it is false. Read a recent article in Halifax Herald Newspaper even it states bacchus are not a puppet club for HA. Though they are close friends to them and may have once been under them. Things change over time and bacchus is now considered the 2nd largest club covering 7 provinces. But you wouldnt know this as you spit out information you make up.

  4. Bullshit. That is simply ridiculous. Bacchus were caught red handed selling drugs for the Hells Angels in PEI. They also ran that Route 81 shop that sold HA support gear. The Halifax Herald says Bacchus aren't a Hells Angels puppet club and I'm really going to believe that. Sorry, we don't make shovels that big out here on the West coast. The Darksiders are a finger puppet club for Bacchus. The flaming Pat James with the bad ink oversees them. Mike Weatherly was covered in Hells angels support pins. Bacchus has their nose so far up the Hells Angels ass they can cut it off and it keeps growing right back up there. Patron saints. Good luck with that. And I certainly didn't make up the part of the Nazi lightening bolts. It's right there on the guy's Buttkiss tattoo.

  5. If Darksiders was a puppet of Bacchus why would they both be setup in the same area?

    You mentioned alot on a previous post about the Murder in SJ, investigate who the person was that was killed, see if you can do any investigative work yourself or if you just read the newspapers.

  6. People contact me from all over the country including the Maritimes. It was a local that told me about the Patron Saints thing. Not even I could make something like that up. Locals have expressed the concern to me that people think Rusty and Ellen's murder was an inside job. When people send me a tip, I don't usually post it unless I can confirm in in a news report. That protects my source. Rusty's murder hits close to home because we have seen the same dirty deals here on the West coast. Bacchus are hoping to patch over to the big leagues so the Darksiders will be their puppet club not just the finger puppet of a bunch of Pinocchio's who wanna be a real boy one day.

  7. Oh SJ. You mean the Matt Foley case? He plead guilty to shooting the guy. The guy was unarmed. Foley was seen on video coming back for more bullets to reload before going after the guy again and shooting up the whole neighbourhood. He put all the neighbours at risk. I think he should be hanged.


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