Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Huge Crystal meth and Heroin bust in Australia

Australian police have seized 306 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 252 kilograms of heroin that was smuggled into the country in a shipment of terracotta pots. Australian Federal Police say four Hong Kong nationals and three Australians were arrested in Sydney on Monday. Each faces a potential life sentence if convicted on drug charges. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration alerted Australian authorities to the plot last August. Police will not say where the drugs came from. Very strange that the police won’t say where the drugs were coming in from.


  1. I'm suspicious. That much crystal meth.

  2. We know that the Hells Angels are very much involved in the Australian drug trade. Lately there has been several large Australian drug busts tied to Vancouver. We know that the Hells Angels have been involved in various meth lab busts in BC. We know that the Hells Angels have been taking the crystal meth from California to Massachusetts. We also know that Hells Angel associate Tony Terezakis was caught selling heroin in Eat Van for the Hells Angels. Now that Afghanistan has returned to be the largest producers of opium in the world, I’m very curious as to who was really involved with this drug shipment. As soon as heroin is involved everyone says Triads but now a days I’m not so sure.

  3. China is a major if not the biggest supplier of meth precursor chemicals. Whole boatloads of of it goes to Mexico. In addition, meth has become a major thing in Asia. Then there's the heroin, which is pretty much an Asian thing as far as control/supply of the trade goes.

    Note that all the Aussie busts involving HA have coke somewhere in the equation. This one does not. In addition, you have 4 Chinese from Hong Kong. Not really a recipe for HA involvement.

  4. Possible but as you can imagine I'm sceptical. I have heard China supplying crystal meth precursors but I'm wondering who is saying that because those precursors are available from your local drug store and the meth labs here are controlled by the HAs. The East coast president of the HAs being convicted of ongoing meth trafficking in MA is just one example. We know that China isn't the source of the opium any more. When George Bush Sr. was brining it in from Vietnam it was coming from Laos. Now his old boys club are bringing it in from Afghanistan whom are once again the largest world producers of opium. However, it is possible this shipment did come from China and the Afghanistan Bush league dealers just ratted out their competition.

    1. "Those precursors are available from your local drug store".

      If you are talking about recycling OTC cold meds that is tecnically true, but I am talking about drums of raw chemicals". Those obviously are not on sale at Rexall. And while you can definitely cook some meth by running a pill crew, it's hard work an not difficult for LEO to track by basic surveillance work. (Assuming they actually do that.)
      Getting the raw chemicals straight off the boat and IIRC there have been instances of that being attempted (and figure some successes for every interception, especially since the Ports Police were disbanded over a decade ago) in Vancouver. You don't ship that stuff all the way from China to send it back as finished product.

      I am not saying that the opium was coming from China. I am saying that it well known that Chinese Organized Crime are the major player in any heroin coming east (or south)from that part of the world. I have $20 says if you ask the Australian coppers they will tell you they have zero suspicion of any HA involvement in the movement of that load to Oz.

      We all know full well you are skeptical K, you are that if nothing else :D but skepticism needs to be based in likelihood/reality for best effect.


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