Monday, July 30, 2012

Mad Child is seriously messed up

Someone sent me a link to another Shane Bunting aka Mad Child video and it is deranged. You can see an element of his pal weird Hal Porteous. Weird Hal is that flaming idiot who can’t rap but has put out a couple of ridiculous attempts on video. Even other Hells Angels think it’s ridiculous and that he should save the rapping for Swollen Members.

We know that Weird Hal and Shane Bunting are friends. The Vancouver Sun posted a photo of Hal Porteous and Shane Bunting posing with convicted Hells Angel cocaine smuggler Rob Shannon. Weird Hal was also posing with Shane Bunting. Shane admitted to the press about his long term Viagra and oxycontin addiction and how he blew a huge amount of money on it. I wonder where he got those drugs from? Shane also admits to being a Hells Angels associate.

Before I dive into the deranged aspect of his video Devil’s Reject, let me touch on the geeky similarities between this one and one of Weird Hal’s. After Weird Hal’s remix of Happy Planet’s I’m on a Boat, he released an even more ridiculous one of him dressed up as a geek then transforming into what he thinks is a gangster but turns out to be just another flaming idiot.

Likewise Shane starts off his devil Reject video dressed like a geek who stalks a woman, kidnaps her, tortures her, murders her, then burries her. This has Robert Pickton written all over it. Hal Porteous I might add lives in Coquitlam, not far from the Pickton Farm. Wally Opal shut down the public inquiry when it was revealed that the Hells Angels had a grow op and booze can on site and were very much involved with the Picktons on their farm.

In the end of the video he has her dead body wrapped in garbage bags as he digs a grave for her. Then he drags her beside the grave and kicks her in. This is totally messed up. Fantasizing about criminal acts is deranged. This is very similar to Jim Brown. The Coquitlam RCMP officer who was involved with the Pickton case and posted BDSM pictures of him with a model and a knife. The only good thing is that the brothers from Mad Child had enough sense not to participate in this one. This video, Devil’s Reject, is Shane bunting showing the world how messed up he really is.


  1. No agent k you're the one who's clearly messed up fantasizing about dead hookers and pickton farms and relating it back too a harmless music video.

    1. A "Harmless music video"? Are you out of your mind? Like it aint words coming out of his mouth.

  2. "Harmless music video?" You need professional help. I'm not the one fantasising about dead hookers. That's what this video is about. People who like it are.

  3. I respect your opinions on most everything and read your writing all the time but THIS really is just a music video. This is nothing new.. Mad Child's (and the Swollen Members') music has always been a bit dark (sometimes really dark). Selling hip-hop has always been controversial, and in turn, has sold (and continues to sell) really well. Is this crying for attention? Yes. Is this designed to be a little controversial and make people say "Ohhh that's so sick"? Yes. That's the point. And it will sell. If not for musical talent within than for the controversy surrounding it. So in a way the kind of attention (negative or otherwise) you grant this is exactly what will perpetuate that controversy and help it sell.

    In other words, it's not newsworthy on a blog like yours. It's irrelevant besides the fact that he associates with some bad motherfuckers who you also happen to write about. Which is the norm for most rappers. It's about the badboy image. A lot of his rap is about fighting his demons. You've got to admit, expressing it through words or song is a lot healthier than actually allowing these demons to come out in other ways. He DID beat his addiction and that was a positive message. He's an artist. Some art is dark. Some art is REALLY dark. Nobody said you need to like his music but I don't think he is actually a criminal (guilt by association?) so you shouldn't rip into him or compare him to men who are really sick not just expressing that mentality through art. There are many famous rappers who are way worse than this in terms of dark content in their lyrics and stuff (Why? probably because it sells). Is that right? No, but there are way worse injustices to focus on. If you're really against it, let it be. Don't empower it. That's feeding into the negativity.

    Sorry if this turned into kind of one rant on top of another. You're obviously someone who loves their community and you're doing what you believe to be right by running this blog. There is a lot to respect there.

  4. Respectfully… Shane Bunting is NOT an artist. He is a nut bar. This video proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. He doesn’t hang out with some “bad motherfuckers” he hangs out with some flaming idiots. Case in point, Weird Hal Porteous. An old short white guy wearing ridiculous bling makes him look like a clown. As does those ridiculously gaudy rings. The fact that he had a puppet kiss one of those ridiculous rings in that stupid video shows how absurd his tiny world really is. Hal’s not an artist, he’s delusional.

    Shane bragging about Robert Pickton does not portray a badboy image. It portrays a deranged image. There is a huge difference. This level of absurdity is not normal for any rapper. Shane bunting isn’t a rapper. He’s a freak. Tupac, Biggie, Fat Joe, The Game, Pitbull, even Drake, they are rappers. Shane Bunting is just a small guy on Viagra that has done way too many hard drugs.

    This isn’t just a music video. It’s the dramatization of a criminal act. It’s not about battling the demons within you, it’s about giving in and letting the demons control you. It’s about glorifying what Robert Pickton did. Let’s be honest. Hal and Shane are both from here. They no doubt attended parties at Piggy’s Palace if not at Dominion. If the video was about battling the demons within, it wouldn’t dramatize him kidnapping, torturing, murdering and burying a woman. If it was about battling the demons within, it would have someone blow the whistle on that kind of criminal act and save the girl before she dies.

  5. Yeah, Swollen Members music has always been "a bit dark (sometimes really dark)" but never like this. Mad Child's turned into a wanna-be Eminem, which is a shame, cause he's actually technically talented at rapping in and of itself.

    "The fact of it is most people that rap like this talkin' bout some shit they haven't lived" -Macklemore

    Shane Bunting is either a criminal or a wanna be! Either way he's gone from someone I respected a ton growing up as a BC boy to someone I could give two shits about and would actively prefer to never hear new music from again. Waste of talent!

  6. When the other commenter mentioned trying to shock people, I thought of Eminem. Eminem has put out some pretty powerful stuff in the past like Lose yourself or Mosh but he did have some serious issues about his mother. In that cleaning out my closet video it showed flashes of his mother while he was digging her grave which was clearly messed up. Yet even that didn’t show him kill her and throw her dead body in a grave.

    The sad one was the popular song I love the way you lie. That was messed up. Especially with Rihanna who had just come out of that bad relationship with Chris Brown. It was about the next time she tries to leave him he’s going to tie her to the bed and set the house on fire. She replies with are you gonna stand there and watch me burn? I love the way you lie. That was messed up and because of the catchy tune it was immensely popular. Nevertheless, this Mad child mess of him glorifying Robert Pickton in unprecedentedly disturbed. There’s nothing catchy about it.

  7. The whole thing sounds more like Britteny Irving than Pickton.

  8. I wonder if investigations of him and his concert fans were done on concert event dates where nearby felonies have been comitted; and therefore conclude if crime matches up in the database. This is serious criminal behaviour even if it's a music clip!


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