Saturday, July 28, 2012

Enbridge Gag Orders

This is a link to a video a blog reader sent me about the Enbridge oil spill on the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. It claims many people got sick but signed gag orders to get settlements. It's something to think about. I think Christy Clark is right in pulling out of this deal with Enbridge. Enbridge is the wrong company to get the contract. Period.

Many blog readers just want to hear about the gangs and don't want to hear about the politics. Yet I do think these issues are very important and some blog readers are sending me links about them. It's like a newspaper. A newspaper covers a whole range of topics. Some people only read the sports section. Some people only read the comics and the horoscopes. Others read the world news. Some prefer the editorials and letters to the editor so they can be involved in the opinions. If people are just interested in the gangs they can go to the web site. The stories I link to from there aren't to the political stuff so that is one way they can screen through the unwanted topics.


  1. Even though Cristy Clark focused on what would be financially fair for British Columbia's participation in the pipeline project I would hope that the answer will be no to any pipeline crossing our province. We know that there will be leaks but we don't know the magnitude . To even suggest that we then transfer the product to tankers that will then travel down our coastal waters whith the potential to destroy the sensitive environment is insanity. No amount of money can repair the damage caused by one of these potential spills. Let's end this short term thinking

  2. That sounds like a great idea. First you need to figure out how your gonna get to work without a vehicle? Second how you are gonna supply hot water for your family? Third how you are going to supply electricity to your family? Oil & Natural gas are necessary evils of modern society!!! If you don't want pipelines/ oil tankers give us some insight how you plan on replacing the petro-chemicals you use everyday.

    1. Some of us work at home, grow our own food, chop our own wood, and make our own clothes from materials we farm ourselves. Ever heard of that? And no, I'm not a granola vegan hippie. A so-called "necessary evil" is a straw man fallacy. A red herring. Can I switch properties with you and YOU and YOUR family live with Enbridge's waste seeping into your soil and water? Let me know, preferably ASAP! Until then, Enbridge troll, try to refrain from spouting your rhetoric. It's tiresome. There are better ways to transport than underground pipelines. Underground pipelines are just cheaper (unless you're Enbridge).

  3. Number one is improve the safety and maintenance. Did you read the report from the Michigan spill? Enbridge was negligent. I am fully aware we need gas. I oppose the oil companies monopolies that are currently gouging consumers. I also oppose these companies with bad track records like Enbridge who have terrible maintenance and safety standards. It really isn't brain surgery. These huge spills are a huge concern. To say they're not a concern is really offensive. BTW it was the oil companies that killed the electric car. Consumers need to pick up the ball and demand more electric vehicles. You don't have to be a tree hugging vegan to care about the environment. Sustainability is responsibility. Sluffing off these huge oil spills is not.


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