Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kamloops man arrested in Mexico for Drug Trafficking

Kim Bolan is reporting that a man named John Darrell Krokos who was arrested in Mexico last month for drug smuggling and money laundering is from Kamloops. From July 15, 2010 to Sept. 26, 2011, U.S. authorities documented the distribution and sale of more than 220 kilograms of cocaine and almost $4.3 million in profits linked to the gang, the indictment alleges. Twenty members of the Krokos organization are now facing charges in California.

Clearly that is a huge operation. It’s either Hells Angels or UN yet they haven’t named the gang. They just refer to it as Krokos Drug Trafficking Organization. Indeed there have been numerous BC residents executed or arrested in Mexico for drug trafficking. Gordon Kendall and Jeffrey Ivans who were also from Kamloops, were gunned down outside their Puerto Vallarta condo in September 2009. They were connected to the Hells Angels.

John Krokos is facebook friends with Scott Maber from Victoria. Scott Mayer is friends with Jefferson Delalcazar, the guy who beat up his ex at Denny's resturant and Kevin Baker.

Scott Mayber always wears that gold chain ariound his neck and has ties to Kelowna.

In fact Scott Mayber kinda looks like the guy on the left checking out the pool in the picture of John Krokos posing in this photo. John is second from the right in the zebra shorts. The guy that looks like Scott is on the far left facing the other direction.

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  1. I remember the good old days when the cops new the good guys from the bad guys and would seriously kick the shit out of vermin like this. Today, the RCMP especially view EVERYONE as a suspect and the courts met out greater punishment for driving with two beers in your system than committing serious criminal acts.

    I must be getting old.


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