Friday, July 6, 2012

Here comes the sun

Speaking of the Beatles, Here comes the sun. Finally. All the rain we were beginning to wonder if we’d ever see summer. Here it comes. I went to White cliff last night. It’s nice to get away from the world’s insanity. I like the smell of the ocean.

Clear sky, calm water, very peaceful. My father used to take me there when I was very young to take pictures of the sunset. We’d climb down on the rocks and I’d fish while he read First Nation legends of Vancouver as compiled by Pauline Johnston. White cliff is nice. I like to put the kayak in there now. It’s a poplar protected diving spot. Yet anywhere you go there are nice secluded places to visit.

When I went to Kelowna climbing up the face on Knox Hill was the perfect place to watch the sunset. Across the lake there are nice trails along bear creek and the perfect ridge you can climb to watch the sun rise over Kelowna.

Kelowna is a really nice place. I don’t think all those slimy little night clubs are making that much money. They might be busy on a Friday or Saturday night but that’s not enough to carry them throughout the week. In due time supply and demand will do them in. I didn’t realize how many young families are in Kelowna. It sure isn’t a retirement village any more. There is a great potential for growth and a good foundation of young families who really don’t want or need the Hells Angels' drugs. So we’re gonna soak up the sun while it’s here yet I’m already starting to long for winter. I’ll have to climb the glacier on Baker to get my ice and snow fix.


  1. Nightclubs and "clothing stores" are both perfect for money laundering activities to clean up those drug profits....especially where the only threat of detection/punishment comes from Revenue Canada...

  2. No doubt but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out when they look at the books. If a nightclub is dead five nights a week, they can't be making that much money over all.

  3. Agreed. I guess my point vis a vis Revenue Canada is that the government does not seem to use that tool to go after these people as much as they could. If your resources are limited, you prioritize to get the best use of them. Drug dealers/gangsters/organized crime ought to be a priority over, for instance, some guy who didn't declare the income he got from a car he sold, that he originally bought with income that was taxed, paid sales tax on the purchase etc.. When you have to choose where you spend your time, you go after the REAL bad guys.

  4. I seem to recall an absurd case where the police were going after suspected criminals through Revenue Canada and it was over turned. That was insane. They were doing exactly what they were supposed to and some crack pot judge prevented them from doing so. I'll have to look up the case but I think it involved that whack job from Haney chapter.

  5. Great pictures, good posts, Thanks...

  6. Thanks. Friends were laughing at me for taking pictures of the cactus growing wild in Kelowna. We just don't see that on the coast.


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